Decoupage With Dry Mod Podge

  1. […] lay a decent coat of mod podge down and let it dry completely! Once it is dry, we’re going to iron the napkin on. This is one of my favorite ways to mod podge napkins on since they are very delicate and it […]

  2. […] Once your white paint is dry, add mod podge to each wing. We are going to be using the DRY MOD PODGE METHOD that I teach here. […]

  3. […] To begin, I knew that I wanted to use this wood look scrapbook paper for the background of my board versus painting it. Trace the board onto the paper, cut out and mod podge. You can use any method of mod podging, but I prefer this dry method. […]

  4. […] paint is dry, you’re going to lay down a coat of mod podge and then let it dry. I LOVE the dry mod podge method of adhering napkins. It keeps them from ripping while you are using them since they are […]

  5. […] To adhere the napkin, I’m going to use the dry mod podge method. […]

  6. […] the dry mod podge method, I separated my napkin layers and adhered it to the front of my wooden […]

  7. […] center your napkin and then lightly put another layer of mod podge on the back. You can use this iron version is you’re worried about tearing the napkin. It is my favorite way to adhere napkins since […]

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