Decoupage With Dry Mod Podge

Decoupaging can be a messy project but I’m going to show you how to decoupage with dry mod podge. Here are all the steps!

There are several ways to decoupage but many of them are downright messy. It’s my mission to help you be a better crafter and sometimes that means learning new techniques that take your projects to the next level. Once of the reasons I love this technique is because it creates a completely smooth surface. When you decoupage with wet mod podge, it’s easy to get bubbles, creases and tears.

You will not have that problem with this technique.

Here is what you’re going to need in order to decoupage with dry mod podge:

  • Project base
  • Mod podge
  • Any material you are wanting to mod podge onto your surface

I used a scrap piece of wood I have but you can use any surface that you are wanting. The wood pieces from Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby are great for this projects.

I applied one layer of white paint as my first step. I typically paint all my pieces white before I adhere the napkins simply because it creates brighter napkin colors on the finished project.

Once your paint is dry, apply a decent amount of mod podge. You want to make sure that your project base is completely covered.

Now you let the mod podge dry ALMOST completely. It’s ok if it’s a little tacky to the touch, but you don’t want it wet.

One of the benefits of using this technique is that because you are not applying the napkin (or scrapbook paper) to wet mod podge, making it easier to move it around and get it perfectly centered and where you want it.

Using parchment paper iron the napkin onto your board.

By doing this, you are reactivating the mod podge allowing your napkin to adhere to the piece.

You are going to use the same technique that we just did on the sides of the board to attach the napkin.

Here’s another amazingly cool trick!

To remove the access napkin I took a lighter and started at the edge of the napkin and let it burn it off; do this for both edges.

This is a super easy way to take off the edges of the napkin! The flame will stop when it reaches the mod podge.

So cool!!

Like I said, decoupaging with dry mod podge is so easy! if you’re looking for other ways to decoupage, check out this technique that doesn’t require ANY mod podge!

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