Must Have Craft Tools

Having the right tools when crafting is what makes a project successful! Here are your must have craft tools that you need.

The right tools for the job are key when you are creating. I’ve rounded up my top tools that I used almost every time I create!

My all-time favorite is from Dollar Tree. You can also get it on Amazon since many of you don’t have these in your local Dollar Tree. This crafter’s tool can be used for so many different things. The sharp point on one end is great for weeding vinyl and taking apart napkin layers. The angled plastic edge is my GO TO for my distressed painting technique, also known as plastic knife painting.

In regards to glue guns, I have TWO favorites. They are both by Surebonder but they serve different techniques for me. When I am working on smaller projects, I like to use this MINI tip one.

For larger projects where I like to have control over the temperature, I prefer this Multi-Temp Full Size Surebonder one.

When it comes to glue sticks, I am a HUGE fan of these Gorilla Glue sticks. Make sure that you are buying the correct size for your glue gun. I have both mini stick and full size in the Gorilla Glue brand.

When you’re needing something that gives a stronger adhesion than hot glue, this Stick Fast Glue is my absolute favorite!

Lastly, but definitely a NUMBER ONE on my list is this Mofa Heat Gun. It is the perfect size and performs all of the duties absolutely perfectly. There really isn’t a need to buy a heavy duty heat gun for basic crafting. This will perform beautifully for you!

Whether you’re looking for some new tools to elevate your creations OR just need to upgrade some of the old tools you’ve been using for years, these tools are the perfect ones to have in your space.

If you have some crafting friends, make sure you share this with them! Life is too short to use boring tools.

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