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Welcome to The Ruffled Daisy!
 If you’re a woman who wants it all and is done with settling for less, then you’re in the right spot! After your “visits” with me, I hope that you leave supported, empowered, inspired, and connected.
My mission is to empower all women to create beauty in their lives.

The Ruffled Daisy started as a hobby that I enjoyed while I was raising babies and blessed to be a stay at home mom. I knew I had a passion for creativity but didn't know what that looked like in the real world. I started with sharing my skills with followers and helping them learn painting and crafting techniques.

In 2018, I went through a very challenging time personally and mentally. I was navigating life growing out of the “raising babies” stage and I didn't know where I fit into the world. It was in the next 18 months, that I grew as an individual and became clear on my “why” as a business owner. I've always been a DIY girl but through those hard times I realized that I could help people begin to DIY all areas of their life.

When people think of DIY'ing, they think of creating something physical with their hands for their homes or the people around them. But I take DIY'ing on my page a step further in encouraging individuals to take control of DIY'ing their life personally with the relationship within themselves
and the relationships around them.

Currently, I design and cut wood home decor projects for consumers and businesses. I have also added business coaching as a way to help other business owners find their way in the world and create success within their lives!

RD History


Grew my passion for sewing and started creating and designing purses for my customers.

Where is all started, crafting ceramics with my grandma & mom.

The Ruffled Daisy is now operating in full swing as an ALL online Business and DIY'ing Community.



Turned my hobby into a profitable business! 





Started The Ruffled Daisy Blog!
1st Blog Post, Patchwork Chronicles 

I am a DIY expert, past TV contributor on KSHB Channel 41 KC Live morning show, blogger, and baker. Add to all of that, I love being a wife, mom and grandma!

“I believe in a world fueled by creativity and passion!”

“I believe in self-expression, self-love and self-responsibility. I believe that life is what you make it!”

I’ve been blessed to be able to share my passion for all things creating, decorating and entertaining since 2010!

I would LOVE to support you in the process of “creating beauty in your life”! If you’re ready to move forward BODLY, JOYFULLY and with CLARITY around what you want – then you’ve found your home!

I show up for you!

Beth was one of the very first online crafters that I followed. Her videos are easy to follow and her crafts are just precious. Right now Im looking for a counter top riser made with two wood rounds and some pearls. I thought I had seen it on the Ruffled Daisy. Im not having luck so it must have been another site. - Mar 25, 2022 by Vickiey Hale

"Her videos are easy to follow and her crafts are just precious."

I am just about 2 to 3 weeks into crafting. The group that you have created is like family/friends. I feel like I really miss everybody in between lives. Thank you Beth for inspiring us all. I am enjoying getting to know you. I like you for wanting to use your crafting knowledge to share with us. I like that your purpose of your work is to help people understand that it is possible to create home deco that improves their home. You have shown us that women are strong. That if we take care of ourselves, we too can improve. I love that you pray with us and probably for us.

We all love you Beth. God broke the mold after He created you.

Thank you for being you! - Mar 21, 2022 by Lesli Hampton

"The group that you have created is like family/friends"

Beth is very inspiring and caring about this community. I have learned many new techniques and have enjoyed every minute of creating with her. Her encouragement and motivational words have made a positive impact on me.
- Feb 9, 2022 by Patti

"Beth is very inspiring and caring about this community"

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