Whimsical Flower Door Hanger

When it comes to spring and summer decorating I am all about FUN and FESTIVE. This Whimsical Flower Door Hanger fits that exactly.

Changing up the decor on your door keeps the changing of the seasons FUN and exciting! If you were to ever visit my house, you’ll likely see a different door hanger depending on the season or holiday approaching.

It can get pretty expensive to change them up often and so I like to bring you budget friendly DIY’s that you can do on your own.

Here is what you need to create your own Whimsical Flower Door Hanger:

First you’re going to want to paint a coat of white paint on both of your pieces. When I am working with napkins, I ALWAYS put a base of white paint because it is going to make the colors on your napkin alot more vibrant.

Since this DIY set has two cutouts, you can create two different flowers but we opted to use BOTH for this project.

When the top layer of white paint is dry, lay a decent coat of mod podge down and let it dry completely! Once it is dry, we’re going to iron the napkin on. This is one of my favorite ways to mod podge napkins on since they are very delicate and it prevents tearing.

Using parchment paper, lay it over the napkin to iron.

Once it is completely adhered, you’re going to want to sand off the excess napkin on the sides of the flower. You can use 120 grit sandpaper, a sanding block, or an emery board. Any of those will work perfectly.

For the bottom layer we are going to be doing some blending. HERE is a video that you can slow down and watch so that you are comfortable with the process.

Blending paint can see very intimidating if you have never done it, but I promise you that is is easier than you think. You just have to drop the idea that it has to be perfect.

Once all of your pieces are dry you can glue them together so they are layered. I fell in LOVE with the layered look on this piece.

To finish it off, you know I LOVE bows and so we created a scrappy bow with some coordinating colors and attached it to the front with just a little bit of hot glue.

Use caution when using hot glue on pieces that are going to be displayed on your door or front porch. If you get the hot afternoon sun in that area, it will re-melt the glue and your projects will fall apart.

Attach a hanger and it’s ready to display!!

What do you think? Like I said, this turned out to be one of my favorite door hangers to date and one that just fits my personality and style perfectly!

This is one of those door hangers that is going to be a show stopper for anyone that comes to visit your home!

Want to make one for yourself? I’d love to see it is you do!

What do you think?