Halloween Houses

I will choose whimsical Halloween decorations everyday over scary. These Halloween Houses are the perfect addition to any tiered tray.

Halloween is one of those holidays that not many people decorate for. I know for me, I used to do a lot of decorating for Halloween when my kids were little. Now, not so much. But my husband LOVES the holiday and so I try to keep a small portion set aside to have at least a tiered tray dedicated to it.

Here is what you need to make your own Halloween Houses:

I used a wooden house that I have in my shop and another scrap piece of wood that I had to create these two Halloween Houses. You’re going to want to start by painting each piece of wood white. I recommend you do this for any project in which you are using napkins. It is going to help the colors of the napkins become more vibrant when it is adhered to the wood.

Next you’re going to want to separate the layers of your napkins. Some napkins are 2-ply and some are 3-ply. You only want the top layer.

Paint a light coat of mod podge onto the top of your wood piece, center your napkin and then lightly put another layer of mod podge on the back. You can use this iron version is you’re worried about tearing the napkin. It is my favorite way to adhere napkins since they are delicate.

Lightly sand the overhang off the edges.

Once it was adhered and dry, I took a scrap piece of fabric and tied it around the edges of the house to give it a little more character.

Next, we’re going to use the same process to do the skinner, taller house that I created with some scrap wood.

Next, I wanted to create some embellishments that would dress it up a little. I had some black swirly, glitter pieces that came out a floral piece that I thought would resemble a broomstick.

I clipped the pieces apart and adhered them to a dowel rod like a broomstick. Once I was comfortable with the fullness of it, I wrapped it in twine at the base. When it’s done, hot glue it to the edge of one of your houses.

I wrapped the same fabric around this house like I did the first one.

That’s it!

Now you have some adorable Halloween Houses that add a lot of character to your tiered tray on a budget.

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