Framed Beaded Pumpkin

A simple wooden frame from the dollar store, some paint and wooden beads transforms into an adorable Framed Beaded Pumpkin!

Today, I’m bringing a project to you that is a little out of the decorating norm when it comes to fall colors. I am ALL about teals and aquas and so I decided to start using it in my favorite season and let me tell you…IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY!!!

Here is what you need to make your own Framed Beaded Pumpkin:

I started by painting the frame white. When it’s dry we’ll add some more decorations to it.

While my frame was drying, I painted my 14mm wood beads. I just rolled them around in a plastic bowl with a tiny bit of paint. It is so much cleaner to do it this way.

My frame came with a cardboard backing that was in the opening. I am going to use that as the base to my pumpkin so I painted it white also with just a little bit of gray dry brushed on.

I knew that I wanted my Framed Beaded Pumpkin whimsical and so I thought it needed some stripes. I used some tape to create my lines and then painted them a bright aqua.

At this point, my beads were dry and so it was time to start creating the pumpkin. I simply glued them on into a pumpkin shape onto the cardboard backing piece I painted previously.

Once you’re good with the design and style of the pumpkin, I used a wooden skewer and cut it to size and wrapped it in twine!

To finish it off I thought it needed a little more fanciness and so I create a twine bow and an orange bow and glued them to the base of the stem.

To make it all come together, since we used an orange ribbon, I used the handle of my paint brush and painted dots in between the stripes.

Oh my goodness, I am in LOVE!!!!

What do you think?

I know the colors are a little out of the norm but I want you to think about creating it in whatever colors make you happy!

Make it your own and have some fun!!!

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What do you think?