Sunflower Napkin House

These Sunflower Napkin Houses turned out amazing with just a few simple steps! Creating with napkins has become one of my new favorite things!

Every once in awhile I stumble napkins that are very pretty but when I create with them, it takes them over the top amazing! These sunflower napkins were perfect for these wooden houses.

Here is what you need to make your own Sunflower Napkin House:

To start, I wanted to paint the edges of my wooden houses to match the napkins, but I wanted to highlight to reddish peach color in the centers. I mixed a couple colors of paint to achieve the color I wanted.

Paint, the sides and back in the color you chose, and then paint the front white. The white is going to make the napkin colors more vibrant so just take that into consideration when painting.

Using the dry mod podge method, I separated my napkin layers and adhered it to the front of my wooden pieces.

Once the napkin is adhered, use an emory board or sandpaper to knock of the overhang.

To dress up the pieces a little more, I wrapped them in twine and made a small bow.

To complete the look, I used my signature painting technique to add some white around the edges.

For the larger house, I opted to just create a rustic bow with twine but did not wrap the edges.

People are shocked when I tell them I craft with napkins. There are so many people who have no clue that this is even a thing!

You can find pretty napkins almost anywhere in today’s world and the options are limitless! Have you created with napkins?

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