Ribbon Sunflower

I LOVE creating sunflowers and this one was my absolutely favorite! Find out how you can make your own Ribbon Sunflower on the cheap!

Creating sunflowers are one of my favorite things to teach you because they are versatile through the summer and fall months! This Ribbon Sunflower is no exception! I love it so much, I would even bring it out in the springtime!

Here is what you need to create your own Ribbon Sunflower:

To begin, I knew that I wanted to use this wood look scrapbook paper for the background of my board versus painting it. Trace the board onto the paper, cut out and mod podge. You can use any method of mod podging, but I prefer this dry method.

Next we’re going to cut our sunflower petals out of ribbon. I cut a total of 18 pieces measuring 5″ each. Once they were cut, I folded them in half and cut them into a petal shape. You can use a template for this or just eyeball it.

Now it’s time to put it all together!!

For the bottom layer, I hot glued five petals down in the center. They did overlap some.

For the middle layer, you will hot glue another set of five that are offset to the bottom layer.

For the top layer, I just overlapped the remaining ribbon pieces until it looked good.

To create the center, I had a 2.5″ wooden round that I hot glued to the middle. This is where you’re going to begin hot gluing your twine in a circle.

You can see at the side that I originally made one with a black center that I just created with paint, but I opted to not use it. The black just didn’t look good with the softer look of this project.

Once you have your center glued down, adhere your pearl beads around the edging.

I absolutely love the way this project turned out and I already have ALL the ideas for creating a poinsettia during the holidays with red ribbon.

What do you think? Is this a project that you will add to your to-do list? I’d love to see pics if you create one.

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What do you think?