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    Kid’s Valentine’s Craft – Tic Tac Toe

    Tic tac toe craft for kids

    I remember playing the game of Tic Tac Toe as a kid and loved it!  I think it’s something that every kid enjoys no matter how old they are!  Here’s a craft that will be perfect for the kiddo’s to help you with!  I’ve made it small enough to fit in your purse so you can play with your kiddos when you’re out at dinner and playing the “waiting game” for your food.  OR, it will keeps kids entertained on long car rides!  This will make the perfect Valentine’s gift for any kiddo in your life. It takes just a few simple supplies:  scrap wood (roughly 4″ square), buttons or…

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    Home Decor Holiday Printables!!

    Blog Post Image - Home Decor Holiday Printables

    I LOVE decorating for every holiday and season!  But having different decor for every…single…holiday or season can not only take up a lot of storage space, but it can take a lot of your budget too!  And for someone who has resolved to tighten down her budget this year, I don’t have a lot of excess to spend. I figured, why not create some holiday printables that you can swap in and out of pictures frames!  It’s easy and CHEAP!  Don’t stress on redecorating an entire mantle for the holidays!  Sometimes all you need is a little added picture to dress up a whole room and give it a new…

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    “I LOVE US” String Art DIY

    String art is a hot thing right now – I just despise (like really, really loathe) hammering in all of your nails.  For small projects, such as this one, thumb tacks make it SO much easier!  However, thumb tacks are not very appealing to the eye that’s why I painted the heads of them to match this project!  It’s like I won the lottery when I thought of that!  I mean really – doesn’t painting a  thumb tack get you just as excited?  Haha! Here’s what you’ll need for the project!  I LOVE using DecoArt paint!  It is the perfect paint for wooden boards and metal thumb tacks! I also…

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    Red Velvet Brownies

    Brownies and cuteness?  YES!!  Don’t you just love when a recipe comes along that is easy and DELICIOUS!  This simple recipe takes a simple cake box mix and is transformed into an amazing brownie!!!  I used a simple heart cookie cutter for these and made them for Valentine’s Day but you could easily mix it up and use different shaped cutters for different holidays!  How about a “STAR” for the 4th of July?  Or a “CANDY CANE” for Christmas?  Or maybe a “BALLOON” for a birthday party? Here’s what you need: 1 box red velvet cake mix 1 egg 1/2c butter 1t vanilla – this is my homemade vanilla extract –…

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    Glitter and Boa Valentine’s Trees

    Hobby Lobby is that place that I really should stay away from!  But alas…..I can’t…and I won’t.  So when I went in BEFORE Christmas and bought these craft cones for a Christmas projects….they sat and never got attended to. So out they come for Valentine’s Day!  Who says they can only be Christmas trees?  Not me! I opted to use some fancy stuff that I love to cover them along with some snow…because here in Kansas, we usually have snow in February. The supplies are simple!  Cardboard cones, Mod Podge, snow flurries, a feather boa, and some GLITTER!!! Using hot glue, attach the boa to one of the cones by…

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    Framed Washi Tape Heart

    Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays – so much so that I start decorating as soon as the Christmas stuff comes down.  My family LOVES {insert sarcasm} it.  This project is so easy and cheap that anyone can recreate it! SUPPLIES Scrapbook paper – I choose a barn wood style Printer paper or card stock Washi Tape – here is some CUTE washi tape! Frame I cut a heart out of my barn wood style scrapbook paper and cut it to fit my 8×10 frame.  You can use any size frame you want.  I used my Silhouette to cut the heart but you can freehand it. Once cut, I…