Hello Deer Wreath

“Hello Dear” Valentine’s Wreath DIY

Hello Dear Valentine's Wreath

Having a fun wreath on your door or in your entryway makes any home feel welcome and cozy. I LOVE Valentine’s Day and so I wanted to make something that was unique and a little different.

I tend to ditch traditional wreaths when it comes to decorating and create my own. This “Hello Dear” wreath is no exception!

Here’s what you need to make your own Hello Dear Wreath.

I had these two pieces laying around and hadn’t figure out what to use them for until now!

I used the DecoArt Baby Pink acrylic paint and the Matte Decoupage.

First, you’ll want to paint your wooden “hello”.

While that dries, you can paint a layer of decoupage onto the dear head and apply glitter to it. I used a super fine glitter but you can use any kind that you like. I chose silver for my deer head.

Taking your silk flower, cut the base of it from the stem along with some leaves and hot glue to the dear head.

To make your bow, you are going to want several pieces of coordinating ribbon in various widths and sizes. You are going to criss cross them until you have several layers.

After you have your layers you are going to want to tie them together in the front. and fluff them up. I used a fabric flower to hide the twine knot that I used to tie all of the ribbons together.

Attach your deer head to the wooden “hello” with some hot glue and then attach some ribbon to the back of the hello so you have something to hang it by. I then took my bow and attached it to one side of the ribbon that was used to hang the wreath. You can either tie it or hot glue it.

Isn’t it just adorable!! I LOVE using the DecoArt paints because they really do stand the test of time and are a great quality. My porch is covered so I didn’t use a sealer but if your wreath will be out in the weather, then I would suggest sealing the paint and the glitter with a layer of decoupage or another sealer. DecoArt has several to choose from.

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