“I LOVE US” String Art DIY

String art is a hot thing right now – I just despise (like really, really loathe) hammering in all of your nails.  For small projects, such as this one, thumb tacks make it SO much easier!  However, thumb tacks are not very appealing to the eye that’s why I painted the heads of them to match this project!  It’s like I won the lottery when I thought of that!  I mean really – doesn’t painting a  thumb tack get you just as excited?  Haha!

Here’s what you’ll need for the project!  I LOVE using DecoArt paint!  It is the perfect paint for wooden boards and metal thumb tacks!

I also used my Silhouette to create my letters but you can buy your own Silhouette or you can use any stencil from any craft store!

After you have painted your board any color you want, you will apply your letters and trace your heart.

Once you have your letters down and the heart traced, you’re ready to start adding your tacks.  Make sure that you don’t push these in all the way – you’re going to want a small space for your string to go under.

Next up, you’re going to use whatever accent color you want for the tacks and apply two coats of paint.  This will ensure even coverage.

Once the paint on the tacks is dry, take your embroidery floss (I used two contracting colors for this project) and tie to two of the tacks.

The next step is just a matter of wrapping the string around the tacks in any random order.  You can be methodical in this approach to make the strings “neater” or you can do like I did and cross them in any direction.  When you have it filled in like you want (this is personal preference as to how much), you will tie off the string to any tack and the cut remaining string.

Add a hanger to the back and you’re ready to display it for Valentine’s Day, give as a gift.  This piece fits perfectly in my updated master bedroom!!

Projects like this one are super simple and can be completed in 30 minutes or less.  The paint dries SUPER fast and the longest part is stringing the heart!

Need another project that is all about LOVE?  Check out this Washi Tape Heart I created!

Here is a short video walking you through all of the steps to create this piece!

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