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Farmhouse Painting with Cinnamon?!! YES!!

Farmhouse painting with cinnamon?!?!  YES!!!  It’s a thing and it’s a COOL thing.  And the best part – it’s easy!

I tend to be a little bit eclectic!  That means I like a little bit of everything.  Glam, farmhouse, modern – you name it and it’s in my house!  And it works for me.  If you’re a farmhouse girl – this is a project that you’re going to love!  I took some pallet boards and even though they were painted, I made them look like farmhouse painting with the help of CINNAMON!  Yep 🙂

Here are the steps to farmhouse painting with cinnamon:

The first involves painting your boards (old or new) in your base color.  This is going to be the color that you’re lettering will be and the color that will show through when you distress the piece.  With a Silhouette or a Cricut machine, design your piece, cut it, and apply it.  This is basically a “stencil” that creates your letters.  You’re going to remove them in a future step.

Next up is applying the main coat of paint.  I LOVE using DecoArt paint.  I used white paint for the main coat and then lightly brushed the silver along the edges.

Next up is the best part – CINNAMON!!!

You are going to want to sprinkle the cinnamon on your board while the base coast is still a little bit wet.  This will help it adhere better to the board.  Where you apply it is all personal preference, but I tended to keep it mostly at the edges.  When your cinnamon is lightly dusted on the board, take the same brush that you used previously and press the cinnamon onto the board with the paint that is left on the brush.  If you need more paint, don’t apply it to the board directly – put some paint on a paper plate and dip your brush into that and then apply it to the board over the cinnamon.  After this step is done, you must let the piece dry COMPLETELY!

The last step is to use a palm sander to sand the entire piece.  There are lots of palm sanders out there.  This palm sander is a great price and works great!

Don’t worry about your removing some of your hard work – that is what gives the distressed look that you are going after.  The cinnamon will leave a brownish-red tinge to the boards.  I LOVE IT!

There are MANY ways out there to distress your custom farmhouse painting pieces and this is just one.  What are some techniques that you have used??

And lastly:

Remember, enjoy the little things in life; for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things!

Now that’s a quote to take throughout your day!

What is your favorite quote that you would put on a piece like this?

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