• Crafts/DIY,  Woodworking

    Quick and Easy Stenciled Chair Makeover

    Taking an old and worn out piece of furniture and transforming it into a new and pretty piece makes my heart flutter! This Stenciled Chair Makeover does just that!  The fact that this piece has a unicorn AND glitter makes my…

  • DIY Festival Serving Station Header
    Crafts/DIY,  Woodworking

    DIY Festival Serving Station

    When I got selected for the Festival Challenge through the Creators Studio with Rust-Oleum, I couldn’t wait to get to creating this DIY Festival Serving Station!! My husband helped me bring this DIY Festival Serving Station to life and so…

  • DIY Window Jewelry Holder
    Crafts/DIY,  Woodworking

    DIY Window Jewelry Holder

    Most DIY projects take something old and turn it into something new!  Decorating with windows is all the rage right now!  Where once there was a limitless supply of windows, there is now a shortage of sturdy old ones that…

  • Crafts/DIY,  Woodworking

    Scrap Wood Photo Frames

    Scrap wood photo frames are so easy!  If you’ve got scrap wood (most people do) then you can make a frame in just MINUTES in nearly any size!  As a creator who does a lot of woodworking, I have a…