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Farmhouse Distressing the EASY Way!

Getting that farmhouse look on new pieces doesn’t have to be hard! With this DIY, you can achieve it with a few simple tools.

Farmhouse distressing can seem like an overly complicated DIY bit it really doesn’t have to be. You can scour the internet and find several different styles of farmhouse distressing, but I’m going to show you my favorite that is my go-to for many of my pieces.

Here’s what you’re going to need in order to achieve the best farmhouse distressing technique:

With these tools, you will be able to achieve this beautiful farmhouse look!

You will start by either staining or painting your piece. I prefer stain since that’s what I want to show through on the finished product.

Once your stain is completely dry, apply your Minwax Finishing Paste.

Using a craft stick, plastic knife, or other similar tool, apply the wax in various spots on the outside and edges of your piece. Pay attention to where distressing “naturally” occurs on a piece and make sure that wax is applied to those areas.

Rub on in small increments, sporadically.

Once the wax is applied, paint a top coat in your choice of color. You’ll want the wax to dry a little, but there is no need to let it sit overnight.

When painting, the wax may begin to smear a little. Applying the paint in long single strokes versus several short strokes will help minimize the smearing. A little is natural and ok.

Once the paint is completely dry, lay your putty knife at a slight angle and scrape the top of your piece. The paint that is adhered to the bottom coat of stain or paint will stick while the paint that is adhered to the wax will come off.

This is what gives the chippy distressed look that we’re going for!

All of the spots that held wax in on the previous step is where the paint will flake off.

When you are completely satisfied with the look of your piece, seal it for years of enjoyment!

What do you think? Isn’t that the coolest look ever?! Easy enough for you to try out?

Here’s an image for you to PIN to your favorite Pinterest boards so you have easy access to it for when you’re ready to try it out! Share the love with your friends too!

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What do you think?