Blinged Out Gnome Paintbrush DIY

Paintbrushes are my jam and since gnomes are all the rage right now, I’ve created the perfect Paintbrush Gnome DIY for you!

This gnome is going to be the cutest thing you make all year! Who knew that you could dress up a simple chip brush and transform it into something that you can decorate with! This particular one goes perfectly for Valentine’s Day but you can tailor this any holiday or season.

Here’s what you need to make your own Paintbrush Gnome:

  • 1 Chip brush/paint brush*
  • White acrylic paint (Used Snow White Apple Barrel brand)
  • Small paint brush (to paint with)*
  • 1 – 12mm Pearl*
  • Pink jewel border stickers*
  • Pink gemstone stickers*
  • scissors*
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

* from Dollar Tree

First, paint the wood handle of the chip brush white. Let dry.

Next, cut out a line of 5 pearls with surrounding jewels from the “Pink jewel border stickers”

Pull off the backing and press down onto the middle of the silver piece of the brush.

Cut another piece of 11 pearls with surrounding beads.

Pull off backing and press down the center of the brush handle.

Now, using the “Pink gemstone stickers”, cut 2 pieces with 3 stones.

Add some hot glue and pull backing off and add to the brush handle, just above the silver piece, on each side of the jewel border stickers.

Cut 2 pieces of 2 stones and add above those, the same way with hot glue.

Cut 2 more pieces of 2 stones and add above those, on an angle to fit the curve of the handle.

Cut a strip of 15 stones (pay attention to where the sticky part is on the back of the stones so you get a full strip to make it easier to apply all at once).

Add a little hot glue to one side of the brush handle.

Pull off the backing and beginning from just above the silver part, press onto the side of the brush.

Cut and add 3 more stones to fill in the rest of the side. Repeat on the opposite side.

Cut 2 strips of 7 stones and, using hot glue, add above and below the first strip on the silver piece.

Finally, add hot glue to the center where the silver piece meets the bristles and add your pearl, with the holes facing the sides.


  • I didn’t add hot glue to the “Pink jewel border stickers” (with the pearls) because they were a lot more sticky than the other stones, however you can if you would like a more secure hold. 
  • This doesn’t need to be followed exactly. Make it your own! Use different colored and size stones.

I am seriously in love with this Paintbrush Gnome! What do you think?

Just think of how cute it would look with some red and blue rhinestones for a 4th of July Gnome.

Here is an image for you to share PIN to your Pinterest board and share with your friends so you always have access to it!!

What do you think?