Crumpled Paper Heart DIY

This Crumpled Paper Heart DIY truly defines the saying “trash to treasure”.  Here’s how you can make your own for cheap!

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I love projects that are cheap on the budget and just come together perfectly.  This Crumpled Paper Heart DIY is just that.

Last year, I created some flowers for Spring with this technique and I completely fell in love with it!  You may remember I also did a pumpkin in the fall!

Here’s what you need to start creating your own Crumpled Paper Heart DIY:


First you’re going to want to paint the edges of your plaque and let it dry.  I loved the beveled look on this one.


One your piece is completely dry, you’re going to want to trace the top onto some scrap book paper and mod podge it on.

IMG_6189 IMG_6192

Next, taking your sandpaper, you’re going to lightly rough up the edges.  If you don’t have a beveled frame like I do, you can skip this step.


Now it’s time to work on the heart.  Decide what size you want your heart and but out five pieces of paper.

Fold each paper in half and cut out one of your hearts.  Using that heart as a pattern, cut a second one slightly smaller.  Then using the second heart as a pattern, cut a third one slightly smaller.

You will do this with all five pieces of paper until you have five hearts that are progressively smaller in size.

This is where the term “trash to treasure” comes to life for this Crumpled Paper Heart DIY.

Taking each heart, you’re going to crumple them up like you are going to throw it away.

You want it to be crumpled fairly well but not so much that you tear the paper.

Do this with all five hearts.


Once all of your hearts are crumpled, hot glue the large one down.

Next, you’re going to hot glue the wooden beads around the heart creating a frame.

Once you have framed your heart with the wooden beads, it’s time to layer the rest of the crumpled heart pieces and hot glue them all together.

This is where the DIY really starts coming together!

IMG_6210 IMG_6212

Check out that dimension. This is why I absolutely LOVE this project!

You’re not going to get that dimension and detail with just using a single layer of scrapbook paper.

Lastly, we’re going to make a simple bow with some twine.

I just cut multiple strips of twine, tied it all together and fluffed to create my bow.


Check out the cuteness!!

This was a quick and easy project that came together so perfectly!  I love the look at the wooden scrapbook paper too!

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