Dollar Tree Snowball Decor

After the holidays, our house can look a little bleak when it comes to decorating! This Dollar Tree Snowball DIY is the perfect fit!

Every year after the holidays my decor looks a little bleak after I put up all of the Christmas things. I am usually ready to start bringing out all my Valentine’s decor, but most people frown upon that so early!

I thought it would be fun to create some snow theme DIY’s share with you!

This Dollar Tree Snowball Decor DIY is going to make the perfect transition between Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what you need to create your own Dollar Tree Snowballs:

  • 1 Wooden crate*
  • 1 pack 1.4” Craft foam balls (6 balls)*
  • 2 packs 1.9” Craft foam balls* (4 balls per pack)
  • Mod Podge*
  • White acrylic paint (used Snow White – Apple Barrel brand)
  • Lighter blue acrylic paint (used Blue Cotton – Apple Barrel brand)
  • Darker blue acrylic paint (used Sky Blue – Apple Barrel brand)
  • Small foam brush*
  • Small paintbrush
  • Epsom salt*
  • Silver glitter*
  • Hot glue gun w/ glue stick

*items purchased from Dollar Tree

Let’s get to creating these cuties!

Using the foam brush, paint the wooden crate white. Paint the inside as well. (You only have to go a little below the handle cutout, as you won’t see the bottom when your snowballs are put in.)

Let dry.

Rinse the foam brush and squeeze dry.

Dip just a little into the lighter blue paint. Go around the outside of the wooden crate and press, adding more paint as needed.

Rinse and squeeze dry the foam brush again, and do the same thing with the darker blue paint.

Set aside to completely dry.

In a shallow container (I used the lid of a take out food container) add about ¾ C Epsom salt and 2 tablespoons of sparkles. Stir around to combine.

Using the small paint brush, starting around the top rim of the wooden crate, paint Mod Podge and let it drip down the side. Sprinkle the Epsom salt sparkles mixture our it over and turn over to shake off the excess.

Repeat for all 4 sides of the crate. Set aside to dry.

Place the foam balls where you would like them, without gluing, to get a sense of where you’d like them to go.

Once you’ve got them where you like, take out and carefully use the hot glue gun to glue the foam balls to the inside of the crate, and to the adjacent foam balls.

Next, squeeze the Mod Podge over the foam balls and use the small paintbrush to place where you’d like.

Dip into/pour the Epsom salt/glitter mixture over the Mod Podge, turning upside down and shaking off the excess.

Layer more and dip/pour as you go to build it up and make it look like melting snowballs.

Let dry and enjoy!

This would be a fun project for you and the kiddo’s or grandkiddo’s to do over Christmas break! If you make one, I’d love for you to share it with me on social media!

Here’s an image for you to PIN to your favorite Pinterest board so you always have access to it!

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