Scrap Wood Photo Frames

Crafts/DIY, Woodworking

Scrap wood photo frames are so easy!  If you’ve got scrap wood (most people do) then you can make a frame in just MINUTES in nearly any size!  As a creator who does a lot of woodworking, I have a LOT of scrap wood.  Because these are so quick and easy to make, you can […]

Farmhouse Painting

Farmhouse Painting with Cinnamon?!! YES!!

Crafts/DIY, Woodworking

Farmhouse painting with cinnamon?!?!  YES!!!  It’s a thing and it’s a COOL thing.  And the best part – it’s easy!

The BEST Crafts of the BEST Blogs in 2017

Crafts/DIY, Woodworking

Mandy over at Sugar Bee Crafts complied a list of the Best of the BEST – the very top post of 2017 from amazing craft bloggers!  It truly is the Motherload of Awesomeness… check out over 30 of the The Best of the Best in 2017 crafts!!  Here ya go!! Best of 2017 crafts   […]

Building Your Own Christmas Eve Crate!

Crafts/DIY, Woodworking

It seems to be a tradition for some people to give gifts on Christmas Eve!  In doing a poll on Facebook, the most common gifts consisted of pajamas for the family, slippers, movies, popcorn, and maybe another form of treats/candy for a movie night!  I don’t do the movie and treats, but we do give […]

Wooden “Ho Ho Ho” Blocks

Crafts/DIY, Woodworking

Holiday decor seems to change every year for me!  Since I dabble in woodworking and love painting, I am always making new things for my mantle or porch!  Every year I have a favorite, and this year, it may just be these!  I had some extra bells hanging around from another project and so I […]

Scrap Wood Scarecrow DIY PIN

Scrap Wood Scarecrow DIY

Crafts/DIY, Woodworking

Find out how to make your own Scrap Wood Scarecrow in just 20 minutes! Here’s how you can make your own with just a few supplies.

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