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Scrap Wood Photo Frames

Scrap wood photo frames are so easy!  If you’ve got scrap wood (most people do) then you can make a frame in just MINUTES in nearly any size!  As a creator who does a lot of woodworking, I have a LOT of scrap wood.  Because these are so quick and easy to make, you can make them to match any decor AND change them for the holidays!  Another SIMPLE and CHEAP way to decorate your home on a budget!

All you need is scrap wood, some vinyl polka dots, scrapbook paper, twine (or ribbon) and small clothespins!

I’ve attached the YouTube video below that walks you through all of the steps!  For on you will apply the vinyl dots using transfer tape and for the other you will use modge podge to apply the scrapbook paper that you have chosen.  Let it dry and then tie your twine or ribbon, and hot glue your clothespin on!

QUICK and EASY out of scrap wood just like I promised!

I created these for my Valentine’s mantle but you can also change the colors and create them for other holidays!   Maybe stars and a 4th of July themed paper for Independence Day?  The possibilities really are endless with this project!

Have you made anything lately that is QUICK and EASY like this project?

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