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Wooden “Ho Ho Ho” Blocks

Holiday decor seems to change every year for me!  Since I dabble in woodworking and love painting, I am always making new things for my mantle or porch!  Every year I have a favorite, and this year, it may just be these!  I had some extra bells hanging around from another project and so I wanted to put them to good use.

Here’s how to make your own “Ho Ho Ho” Wooden Blocks!

You’re going to need three pieces of wood that are approximately 6″x10″.  I use pine wood which makes for easy cut and it’s wide enough to stand on it’s own.  You’re also going to need a drill bit that you use to make door handle holes.  This isn’t a common piece that most people have, so you can get one HERE!

After you have cut your wood to size, use these 4″ stencils and use them to measure where you are going to drill your hole.  Make sure you clamp your wood to your drill press before drilling because this drill bit can be pretty intense!  Also, make sure you wear protective eye wear 🙂

After you have drilled your holes in all three boards, smooth edges with sandpaper.  Next up, you’ll use white paint to cover them completely.  I am a huge fan of Deco Art paint!  I love the coverage and overall look.  This is the paint I use in most of my projects.  Check out this Hutch that I made over using their supplies

Once the white paint is dry, it’s time for you to apply the “H” stencil.  I did one light coat but you can do two depending on the look you are going for.


Once your paint is dry, you can sand it lightly or leave it!  It’s totally up to your decorating style.

The last step is what makes this piece amazing!  I used this 3″ bell and took some attached some Christmas greenery to it with glittery ribbon, as shown below.  Then I glued it to the top and back of the wooden blocks so it hung nicely in the hold that you drilled previously.


Now you’re ready to display them on your mantle or hutch!  These would also make a great gift for something that loves Christmas decor!

What do you like to decorate with around the holidays?  Do you use traditional red and green colors or do you step out of the box and use other colors?

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