2017 for me has been a year of LOTS of changes!  Changes that were welcome and changes that weren’t.  Changes that stripped me down to my core and changes that built me up.  Every January people make resolutions with the greatest intentions that this will be “their BEST year”!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great […]


Reclaiming Your Life – Printable Download

The caterpillar and the butterfly is the epitome of beauty grounded in struggle.  The process of morphing from a caterpillar into a butterfly is actually a very painful process.  It’s hard to see when we are in the middle of the struggle, but when you arrive on the other side, 99% of the time, you […]


Finding the Beauty in Your Struggle

Business’s grow a lot faster than people do!  With the rise of social media, businesses can sky rocket through the roof and if you aren’t personally keeping up then you’ll get left behind.  This year, The Ruffled Daisy will celebrate 12 years of being in business!  It’s been an amazing 12 years but it’s also […]


Success at Work VS Success at Home

I’ve tried for several years to make a name for me.  Something that made me feel accepted.  Something that was mine.  Something that I needed others’ approval to succeed in.  But it failed.  It’s ok.  Because in the long run, it doesn’t matter what you give and share to others; if you are doing for […]


It’s an Ugly Beast!!

Through your struggles and hardships, you are able to reach deep inside yourself and discover more of who you are.  It takes a lot of heat to make a diamond!!


Glowing in the Darkness

It is one of my heart’s desires to encourage women to be all that they can be.  Life is tough and many times, we make it harder on ourselves than we need to.  We are made to be amazing beings!  And while we ARE amazing – we are far from perfect.  Life is all about embracing […]


Pearls of Wisdom – Jennifer Wiltse

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and joy!

This book is designed to touch the hearts of those who are ready to make significant changes in their lives, offering a compassionate yet powerful message of hope, resilience, and transformation.

Whether you're at a crossroads, starting a new chapter, or simply need a reminder of your inherent worth, this book aims to guide and inspire you to live your best life.

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