Finding the Beauty in Your Struggle

  1. Sharon says:

    I love journaling! That’s such a great tip. Thanks for sharing your struggles so others could feel like they’re not alone

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this…there certainly can be such beauty that comes from the struggle. Journaling is an amazing tool to use to process through feelings. It’s always comforting to hear the other side of light when going through the dark tunnel.

  3. Journaling is such a cathartic way to express your feelings. My mom too went through a period of depression. It’s something no one else can understand until they go through it themselves. Praying for your and your journey of healing <3

  4. Linda says:

    I understand the darkness. Experience it a lot in my life the whole 69 years. It gets sweeter to fight a battle having the light 💡 to help you. To know not to be afraid of the battle no matter how big it may be. To know no matter the length or shortness we will win with the light 💡. It is always a small speck of light 💡 in the beginning or half way through but trusting that light 💡 is the key to the beautiful butterfly 🦋. I find if I do all I can and rest in darkness and walk when it’s light 💡. I master the battle better if I journal when I see the light 💡 larger. The light 💡 wins my battle as long as I focus on the light. It’s hard yes but I encourage all to seek the light 💡 through all darkness. Be beautiful and bloom as a beautiful butterfly 🦋. We can. We Win with the light.

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