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2017 for me has been a year of LOTS of changes!  Changes that were welcome and changes that weren’t.  Changes that stripped me down to my core and changes that built me up.  Every January people make resolutions with the greatest intentions that this will be “their BEST year”!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to start the year with such great intention and motivation.  What’s hard is coming back to the plans that you had when things get hard and life knocks you down.  

You have a resolution to lose weight?  You get knocked down and off track when you get off track for a bit.

You have a resolution to save money?  You get knocked down and off track when a major appliance breaks and you have to drain your savings account to purchase a new one.

You have a resolution to exercise more?  You get knocked down and off track when the stomach flu hits your house and goes through everyone that is breathing and it takes you two weeks to rid your house of germs.  The last thing you want to do is exercise.

The list really could go on and on.

This year, I am vowing to reclaim myself.  To reclaim means to recover something previously lost, given or paid.  I know for me, I have a lot in my life to reclaim.  I let 2017 control me.  Sure, I learned huge lessons and rolled with the punches.  That’s what the hard times are supposed to do.  But after those hard times, is when the real work counts!  Using the times that could have broken you and using them to propel you onto greater things!

Are you ready to reclaim your life?  Not just now in the New Year but everyday???  So how do we do that?  Simple…

You decide what it is you want to reclaim.  Once you’ve decided what that truly is, you put a visual reminder somewhere that you will see it everyday!  Maybe it’s your bathroom mirror.  Maybe it’s your bedside table.  Maybe it’s by the coffee pot.  Maybe it’s on the refrigerator.  Maybe it’s on your office desk.  Maybe it’s a screensaver on your phone.  Whatever it is, PUT IT THERE!

So what are we going to reclaim together in 2018?

Reclaim your peace and mind – The world can get pretty loud and busy and amidst all of the crazy schedules it’s easy to lose the peace we need at our core.  Have you ever told yourself “I can’t even have a thought to myself” especially when you have toddlers pulling at you from all corners.  It happens.  It’s OK!  But it’s time for you to say, this is my peace and this is my mind.  No one else can give your mind a sense of peace.  It’s only in your.  Figure out how to get it and do it.  For me, it’s taking time everyday to disconnect from everyone.  Yes, everyone – even the spouse, the kiddos and the phones.  Disconnection makes you become real with the one you truly have power over – yourself!

Reclaim your creativity and adventure – do you have a dream of traveling?  Do you have a passion of writing?  Do you miss the days when you used to play an instrument or create art with your hands?  Get back to it.  Yes, I understand that timing may not always be in your favor, but do something that shares your creativity and adventure.  Maybe you can’t travel as much as you’d like.  Read a book and learn from others who can!  Maybe you can’t write a book like you want.  You can write a few sentences in a journal everyday.  And then guess what…at the end of the year, you will have an amazing start to a memoir!  Take what your passion is and DO SOMETHING that makes your soul feel alive again for your gifts!

Reclaim your relationships – relationships are hard.  And I’m not just talking about your spouse.  Relationships include your children, parents, friends, and even your neighbor.  Do you have relationships that need mending?  Maybe you just need to show grace to your spouse and kids a little more often.  Maybe you need to mend a friendship that is damaged due to selfish needs on your part or their part.  Maybe you have a relative that is distant that you need to reach out to.  Whatever it is, DO IT.  Don’t make it harder than it is.  Just because you are reclaiming a relationship that has gone sour does not mean that it will flourish into the best relationship.  Don’t get your hopes up.  What it does mean is that you will begin hold that relationship in a better light.  You will begin to view people as they should be viewed – with grace and humility.  Do your part which will in turn give you a sense of peace.

Reclaim your finances – money sucks!  I’m just going to be honest!  It really is the root of all evil.  Is there an area that you are letting it control your life?  Do you have what you need to live a life that you need or are you living above your means?  I’ll be honest – most people in today’s society live beyond their means.  Sorry if that stings a little.  Look at how you are controlling your money and shave some of the extra areas.  I can almost promise that there are other areas of your life (relationships and peace) that will never be whole until you are fully aligned with your finances in a healthy way.

Reclaim your faith – I’m a Christian.  I have been shown through the past year grace that isn’t due to me!  I owe my God, a life of living for him.  I’ve begun to put him first in all of my decisions (yes, I still sometimes fail) and he is showing me in his ways and his time that I can trust him.  If I have faith.  If you aren’t going to God, then you can’t have faith that he can work for the good in your life.  Let me remind you – following God won’t promise you an easy life.  FAR from it!!  In the past few months when I have been knocked on my knees in prayer to him – I have been shown that it’s not easy!  BUT it is worth is.  The sense of peace that comes from a relationship with him is what gets me through everyday.  I live for Him and will continue to!  Find your relationship with him.  Start small.  But vow to give him something daily.  Consistently.  And when life is hard and knocks you down, just as it will, he will be there.  He will either be there to lift you up out of the rubble, or he will show you how to dig out through another path that you never saw before.

Yes this can all seem overwhelming, but it’s really pretty simple.  One area plays off the other.  If you have reclaimed your faith, then reclaiming your peace and mind is easier.  If you reclaim your finances, then reclaiming some of your relationships are easier.  Find our what you need to reclaim in your life!  Don’t overthink it – just DO IT!

Click the link below to download the FREE printable for you to print out and put in a spot that you will see everyday!  Remember – it’s all a matter of choice and it’s yours to make!  No other earthly person can fix your peace, creativity, relationships, finances or faith.  

2018 Reclaim Flyer


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  • Life with Larissa

    Love this! I told myself not to wait until the new year to start doing the things that I want to do. And now I’m going to add reclaiming happiness to my goals. 2017 has also been a year of a lot of changes for me – both good and bad. I let those less than ideal changes really take a toll, and I’m ready to take a deep breathe and reclaim my happiness. It’s not about being in control all the time, but more so learning how to accept those changes with an open mind and a positive attitude!

  • julieannhoag

    New Year’s Resolutions are hard, but at least we have a whole year to work on them! You have some great discussions about what to work on. I definitely need to exercise more, spend less, and take more time to spend with my kids and family.

  • Wendi

    Very nice post. I love you idea behind “reclaiming” your life. Your free download is beautiful with such vibrant colors, organization, & flow. Wishing you all the best for 2018!

  • Ashley

    This is so similar to a post I just wrote, using my word: Brave…this was such a fun read Honestly, reclaim is a large piece of that, as 2017 to me was a year of stagnant complacency, wondering why nothing was happening. Depression ruled me, to be honest. 2018 is the year I’m getting my life back – I miss the overproductive, perfectionist me. Realizing so much of my life needed to be reclaimed after the last year was so daunting, that I felt I needed bravery. But, they go hand in hand for me. Thanks for the reflection…I couldn’t really pinpoint what it was I needed to be brave about specifically…reclaiming is the word I was looking for. 😉

    • admin

      I am so sorry to hear that depression has been such a huge part of your life. I have MANY posts regarding that very thing since I have battled it immensely in the past three years! I wish you all the best and I pray that you are able to find “you” and reclaim that!

  • meplus10feet

    Love this! The printable is such a great idea as many people need to see the goals! You should do a dream board next!

  • Nancy Christiansen

    Beth, I just came across this blog post and it spoke to my heart. Last year was so difficult in so very many ways. I will begin today and with His help I will Reclaim!

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