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    2 Steps to Claiming Your Magical JOY

    What is Joy?  According the to english dictionary is is an emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires. In order to have magical joy you have to chose yourself. Let…

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    What’s My Definition – Five Ways to Find Yours!

    At some point in everyone’s life, we all ask the question – what’s my definition? Life circumstances “shape” who we are but they don’t necessarily “define” who we are.  SHAPE means to influence the development of something or to help…

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    Success Versus CRAP Identity?

    In order to achieve success you have to believe that you are capable of achieving it.  What is success versus crap identity?  Many of us have a lot of CRAP that we tell ourselves.   That we aren’t smart enough or…

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    Calming Linen Spray DIY

    Make this natural calming linen spray with just two ingredients. You'll be drifting off to dreamland with this popular essential oil made for sleeping.