Starting Today!

We’re all wounded.

We walk around with these places that hurt so much, blaming others, or worse, ourselves when we feel pain instead of trying to heal.

But I suppose the biggest thing that we sometimes forget is that ultimately we narrate our own experiences; we create our stories from how we speak to ourselves.

We are the ones that decide to grow or to remain the same; to stay comfortable or experience the risk of something new.

We get to decide when to turn the page to start a new chapter.

We can either be the author of our own story or constantly hand the pen to someone else and then wonder why we feel powerless in our own lives.

To live wounded within the power of our own realness, our flaws, our history and the magnificence of who we will be is the biggest decision we will ever make.

We can be healing and still be worthy.
We can be conscious yet still be triggered.
We can be ready to move forward but still never forget our pasts.

We’re finishing up a lifecycle, a phase in our development and we’re being asked to simultaneously build our future, synthesize our lessons and say goodbye to what no longer serves us.

And it’s a lot.
But we’re also ready for it – you’re ready for it.

Because what if I told you everything from the last 5-25 years was leading to this moment?
That the reason it feels like it’s time is simply because it is?

You don’t need to have it all figured out to begin today, you need only make the choice to start.

Right here.

Right now.

Just as you are.

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