Wooden Watermelon DIY Summer Decor

Watermelons signal summertime and this Watermelon DIY makes it easy to decorate and freshen up your decor or outdoor party!

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Whether you are a lover of watermelon or can do without, decorating with watermelons in the summer is becoming a huge trend. It took me awhile to get on the train, but I am hooked. Especially with this watermelon DIY!

Here’s what you’re going to need to make your own set of watermelons:

I’ve got to say, I think the ant is absolutely adorable!

If you get THIS KIT, everything is going to come sanded and ready to paint.

Paint a strip of green along the watermelon edges. While the green paint is still wet, paint another strip of yellow to blend the colors together along the edge.

While the rind is drying, you can paint you ant black.

Next, you’re going to use a dark pink (or red) top create the watermelon.

Using paint pens or a small brush, you’re going to add some accent lines and dots to give the watermelon and ant just a little bit more character! These details are what really set pieces apart!

Next is adding the seeds. You can use the handle of your brush which is what I did. You can create therewith just making ovals or teardrop shapes. I loaded the end of my brush handle with painted and drug down just a tad to create my seeds. There are several different ways to do it, but this was super easy!

I also took a small brushwith white paint and highlighted the seeds when the black paint was completely dry.

The final touches are completed by adding a ribbon bow around the watermelon pieces and gluing on the ant!

I must admit that I think these are the cutest watermelons I’ve ever seen!! I think everyone needs a set to freshen up their summer decor or patio.

Just know that if you are wanting to put these outside that you will need to spray them with a sealer. This is my favorite!

If you want to purchase the KIT so you can make a set of your own, you can snag that here:

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If you prefer to watch while I create it for you, you can check out the video HERE:

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