Scrap Wood Flag DIY

If you have scrap wood, some ribbon, and a bandana then this Scrap Wood Flag DIY is going to be perfect for your holiday decorating!

I tend to be a big decorator for every season and holiday, but not everyone is. This scrap wood flag DIY is perfect for just an added piece of decoration perfect for any home or style.

To make this Scrap Wood Flag DIY, you just need a few simple supplies:

If you don’t already have some scrap wood pieces painted, that will be the first step. Next, I use a technique to create some character around the edges of my piece using a plastic knife (yes the kind you use at picnics) or a palette knife. I’m all about not buying extra supplies so you grab a plastic knife if you have one.

Using the pallets knife, dip into contrasting paint and “scrape” along the edges to achieve the desired look.

Once your paint is completely dry, you’re going to cut your ribbon to size. I did use wide rick rack ribbon but you can also use regular straight edge ribbon. They’re both going to look amazing!

Once it is cut to size, hot glue onto your scrap wood pieces. You can use a lighter to singe the edges to prevent it from raveling or leave it as it. I tend to like the raveled look on pieces like this.

Next, you’re going to tear your bandana into strips to create a rag bow/flower.

Once your strips are ripped, cut to size, criss-crossing over a piece of twine creating multiple layers. The more layers, the fluffier the flower will be. Tie it all together and fluff!

I also added a pearl bead into the center of mine.

If you like seeing DIY’s at a little faster pace, you can check out my YouTube video that shows the entire process from beginning to end.

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