Your Darkness is a GIFT

My darkness was a gift except I didn’t see it at the time. In the darkness you search for light. In order for a light to shine so brightly, there must be darkness! In darkness you have nothing else to see but who you truly are. In the darkness you feel lost and in that lostness you learn things about you that you never knew existed. Without that darkness, you may never know what the depths of despair feels like. Without darkness, you don’t learn to fight when it’s the only thing you have.

Your darkness could be depression. Your darkness could be grief. Your darkness could be addiction. Your darkness could be anxiety. WHATEVER your darkness is, it’s a gift. A place for you to learn humility, grace, empathy, wholeness, and trueness. A place of growth even when it’s the most painful. There is beauty in the darkness. Beauty that will be seen when the light shines again! When you’ve experienced your darkness, you are able to hold someone else’s hand through their darkness. Darkness comes when everything else is gone…when it’s time for your soul to be stripped of the past.

If you fear darkness, you fear the power that is within you. It is in the darkest skies that you see the brightest stars! A star that you never knew existed. But in the darkness, you find it, and learn it, and embrace it. Don’t let the darkness defeat you.

Character, like photographs, develops in the darkness.

What do you think?