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DIY Your Life

The word DIY means creating something yourself. Typically it’s around the home. I want to help you DIY your life. Here’s what I mean…

Pull up a seat and let’s chat.

I do LOTS of DIY’s here on this page just like this adorable Strawberry Patch we did LIVE on FB! You should hop over and watch it!

But I want you to know that there is SO much more behind the pretty things we make.

Yes, I shared with you how to DIY this ENTIRE strawberry patch, but my ultimate goal was helping you DIY YOUR LIFE!!

Some of you don’t know what that means for me or for yourself. DIY’ing is so much more to me and my page.

You are the designer of your life!

It is your’s to create it any way you want it. We have a duty to DIY our life and I help you do that by giving you the confidence and inspiration to believe in yourself! Giving you the support you need through stories you can relate with!

So I’m asking you to join me on the journey to not only DIY’ing cute things to decorate with but to DIY your life so that you’re creating and living your BEST LIFE!

Can I ask you to spread the daisies to someone you know today that needs to hear this?

Because DIY’ing our lives with people who get it makes it all the better!

I love you my friend!!

While you’re at it, help me fulfill my mission of reaching as far as I can to help people understand that there are LOTS of ways to DIY and I want to help you figure out what your DIY looks like!

You can VOTE HERE to keep me in the running for the 2022 DIY HERO- https://diyhero.org/2022/beth-eaton

What do you think?