Success Versus CRAP Identity?

Claiming your identity

In order to achieve success you have to believe that you are capable of achieving it.  What is success versus crap identity?  Many of us have a lot of CRAP that we tell ourselves.   That we aren’t smart enough or good enough.  We have limiting beliefs inside of us that hold us back from the true successes that are within our reach.  Another CRAP thought is “I’m stuck!”.  It’s those limiting beliefs that keep us from moving forward.  You become frustrated and have difficult times because of these limiting beliefs.  That CRAP is what is keeping you from succeeding.  Simply put, you are letting that CRAP be your identity!  If you let the crap define you, you won’t succeed and you won’t be happy.

So what is CRAP?  It is Condescending, it is Repetitive, it is Anger turned inward, and it is POISON!

When you are dealing with CRAP, which everyone does, you need to reach out to a mentor, a girlfriend, a spouse, or someone that you trust that supports you and your dreams.  These are the people that are going to tell you that you are amazing.  They’re going to tell you that you don’t actually suck, no matter what you tell yourself.  Just because you’re telling yourself those things does not mean that they are true or that you have to listen to them.  If you believe you are not good enough, then your successes will fall in line with that and you won’t achieve the goals and dreams that you are set forth to do.  Putting your identity in the CRAP that you tell yourself will leave you feeling stuck, frustrated, defeated and overwhelmed.  If you believe that you suck, you’re going to suck.  When you’re in this process of listening to your CRAP and evidence of success comes your way, you’re going to label it as, “Oh well, I just got lucky,” or “It won’t last that long,” or, “It’s too good to be true.”  All of that is where you label your identity as CRAP.

So what happens when you shift your identity from CRAP to SUCCESS?

You will become that successful person, whatever that is.  Mother, wife, father, husband, business owner, friend, whatever it is.   Leaders everywhere, every successful person, call CRAP on all the negativity.  When leaders succeed instead of saying, “That was a fluke,” or “That was luck,” they focus on the successes that they have had and label it accordingly.  These successes don’t have to be extravagant.  It could be something as simple as being an amazing mom this week, despite the missteps along the way.  Because guess what?  We all have them.  The difference is where you choose to let it define you.  Leaders label the negativity as CRAP and they focus on moving forward and the successes that they beleive they can achieve.  If you believe in the crap, your identity is going to be CRAP!  You have to train your mind to do the opposite.  Believe in the success and label it!  Believe in the identity of the woman or man you want to be!  What does that person look like?

It’s time to shift your identity be in success.  You’re going to have pain, fear and disappointments along the way.  Just because you believe in success doesn’t mean you are immune to any of those things.  That’s part of growth, learning and life in general.  When it happens, don’t stay in that mess of CRAP.  If you want other people to think you are amazing, someone that can teach, or someone to believe in your passions, then you need to assume that role.  Act like who you want to be!

As Americans, we are conditioned to believe the CRAP we tell ourselves.  The more you are identifying yourself with the success you want to achieve, you are going to catch yourself calling CRAP on those negative thoughts when they happen.  Change takes 7 weeks for it become concrete.  The more that you start calling your CRAP for what it is and continue to push it away and grab for the successes, you will start succedding.  The more you start grabbing for successes, you’re going to start conditioning your brain to believe those things and all the other CRAP will start to go away.  So when fear and disappointment come, because it will, you don’t succumb to it.  Because you are creating your identity to the SUCCESS in your life versus the CRAP.

What do you label as crap that you need to plunge out of your head?  Take a plunger and plunge it all out!  And when it starts to back up in a week or two, plunge it out again to create a flow of successes.  Look in the mirror and decide who you want to be.  What choices are you going to make to be that successful person?  Your identity needs to be in the SUCCESS.  What choices does the successful person that you want to be make?  Do they believe the crap?  No!  They hear it but they don’t believe it.  You do not have to believe everything that you hear in your head.  The more you do it, the more you’re going to become it.

Go be amazing.  Let go of the CRAP in your life and put your identity in SUCCESS and we will all be amazing together!

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