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    It's hard to make sure you're living with full passion in today's fast paced world. Sometimes all you need to do it harness some memories of your past to help you find your passion again.

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    Glittered Spring Home Decor Plaque

    I absolutely love the feeling that SPRING brings!  Growth, newness and a sense of renewal!  It’s not only a time for me to reassess my goal and dreams, but also a time to spruce up my house and bring some fresh color and decorations in!  I happened upon this adorable wooden plaque at Joann’s and just knew that I had to create something with it.  I love the detailed cutouts.  That’s done with a laser cutter and that is definitely on my TO-BUY list….someday.  They’re not cheap 😉 My supplies included a wooden plaque from Joanns (they don’t sell it online but THIS one would work), glitter, any color paint…