Glittered Spring Home Decor Plaque

I absolutely love the feeling that SPRING brings!  Growth, newness and a sense of renewal!  It’s not only a time for me to reassess my goal and dreams, but also a time to spruce up my house and bring some fresh color and decorations in!  I happened upon this adorable wooden plaque at Joann’s and just knew that I had to create something with it.  I love the detailed cutouts.  That’s done with a laser cutter and that is definitely on my TO-BUY list….someday.  They’re not cheap πŸ˜‰

My supplies included a wooden plaque from Joanns (they don’t sell it online but THIS one would work), glitter, any color paint you want, washi tape, mod podge, small resin flower, and some fabric flowers.  These flowers were leftovers from Etsy from another project that I did and a vinyl cutout (you can create your own using a Silhouette or Cricut).

Paint and slightly sand the edges of your plaque.

Apply vinyl cutout.

Apply washi tape just above and below the vinyl cutout.  I overlapped them slightly because I wanted my wording to go outside of the glitter. Apply mod podge, over the vinyl cutout.  Apply glitter while the mod podge is still wet.  I did two coats. Depending on the color of glitter you may only need one coat.  My paint was darker than the glitter and so I opted for two – it’s all personal preference.

When mostly dry, remove washi tape and vinyl cutout.

Apple a small resin flower with hot glue to the top of the “I” in spring.

Attach a fabric flower and another small resin flower to the plaque using hot glue.  I did tie a small piece of ribbon to the top to hang.

And there you go – you’ve tried your hand of glittering, vinyl and painting!!  You’re getting to be a pro at this crafting thing πŸ˜‰

What have you created lately with glitter?



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