Living With Passion

It’s hard to make sure you’re living with full passion in today’s fast paced world. Sometimes all you need to do it harness some memories of your past to help you find your passion again.

As years pass, it’s easy to forget how it “feels” to touch the hand of someone you love who is no longer here. Time has a way of making us remember the sweet moments but also forgetting the “realness” of a person being here by our side.

I like to remember my grandpa as someone who enjoyed his passions and, in looking back, his example encouraged me to do the same. You don’t always see it in the moment though.

He was a strong man. A man who could protect, but also a man who wasn’t afraid to discipline. He was my first love. I didn’t really have a father figure growing up and this man was my father figure.

He taught me to fish and he taught me how to make fishing lures. Sitting at his work bench, I remember him describing to me the color “chartreuse” as I made my first fishing lure. It was a pretty color that was bold and bright and I absolutely had to have it on my very own lure! I think that’s probably when I began to love COLOR so much! Sitting at his work bench, I saw the beauty of ALL the colors!

Every time I think of that color, I think of my grandpa. It’s funny the things you remember. What I don’t remember is feeling his hands holding mine as we wrapped and tied to make my very own lure. Oh how I wish I could remember. What I do remember though, is my love of chartreuse and all colors because of him.

I probably couldn’t make a fishing lure today if I tried. God makes sure memories stay with you that have meaning.  I wasn’t meant to make fishing lures and so I didn’t need to remember that. What I was meant to remember was color and how to use them in life. In this instance, it was in attracting fish.

Today, I use those memories to fulfill my passion of creating.  Color in our life brings emotions, passion and power!  Color is inspiring!

As I was working in the garage, I was creating and needed a small hammer to accomplish my project. And then I remembered…I had my grandpa’s small hammer in my dresser drawer along with other tools that I honestly don’t know what they’re intended for. But they were his and I cherish them. I went and grabbed this piece because I thought, why just let it sit instead of putting it to use where my grandpa is with me everyday. As I was using it, the colors on it reminded me of sitting at his work bench and him teaching me what chartreuse was.

Now that I touch the colors on his hammer, I can feel his hands holding mine and I’m reminded to live with passion in the things that I love ❤️

What is something that you have that helps bring a memory from someone past AND helps you continue to fulfill your passion today? Maybe you don’t have that. Search for it. It’s there 😉

We need reminders of things such as this daily in our fast-paced world. PIN this and share it with your friends so you can recall it when you need that little push.

What do you think?