Are you Listening?

Are you listening? I mean truly listening? In today’s fast paced world, it’s a hard thing to do and is something that we need to be conscious about every single day.

are you listening

I see this pic of Mel Gibson talking to the actor who played Jesus in The Passion and in this photo it clearly shows to me how many of us interact with the Lord! We adamantly expressing our heart and desires and wants and needs. Begging him for forgiveness and love. Begging him to just answer a prayer or make our life stories clear to us.

are you listening mel gibson passion

In this picture I also see a God who is there humbly listening. A God who’s ear is taking in all that we ramble about. A God who is bloodied and bruised from taking on our sins while we look clean and pure. A God who did that for us.

Sometimes it’s hard to see where God is in your life because we spend to much time asking and talking to him about our problems when all we should be doing is listening. He’s speaking – but it’s with a quiet and humble voice. A voice of love. Let us make sure our voices and fervent prayers don’t drown out the words and desires of the one who truly loves us.

I absolutely love this pic. It is such a powerful reminder to me. While God is always there to listen – he is also there waiting for you to shut up and listen to him.

Are you listening?

I don’t know about you, but this is a GREAT article to PIN on the days that you need that reminder.


  • Audra Dill

    This is beautiful. Your honesty on the Live this morning is still resonating in my thoughts. We are all in this together and yes, we all have junk. I think talking about it lessens the hold it has on us. Giving it to God is one of the many lessons I have learned in my dark days. May we all learn and grow from each other that we may not sit on our darkness too long, but find the light that is forever guiding us on!

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