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Handcrafts to Try at Home – Coloring

If you enjoyed coloring as a child, why did you stop? Coloring has become a popular activity. Here’s why you should do some coloring today!

Today, there are commercially available coloring books designed specifically for adults. They’re available with different themes and motifs like mandalas, botanicals, fashion, and more.

You can also complement coloring with another popular handcraft we enjoyed as kids such as paper handcrafts. 

Benefits of Coloring

Like other crafts, coloring can enhance a person’s focus and reduce stress. Many people have reported that coloring has reduced their insomnia as well as feelings of anxiety and depression. Coloring is also a fun craft to enjoy with family. 

Coloring Activities

Many handcrafts lead to the creation of highly useful objects. Knitters can produce hats or sweaters. Potters can create functional bowls or other vessels. What about coloring? Coloring in a coloring book is its own reward; the act may be enough for some crafters. However, you can take your coloring further, turning your designs into art for DIY calendars or printing onto homemade stationery.


  • Crayons
  • Oil pastels
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Adult coloring books

Develops Talents Such As:

  • Improves motor skills
  • May improve vision

Take some time today to dabble in a little bit of coloring. It really is good for the soul!

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