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Mother's Day "MOM" Block

Remember THIS post that I talked about?  I finally got together with my niece and a friend last night and we worked on these for Mother’s Day.  I have to say I am impressed with how they turned out! 

Here is a closeup of the buttons that I put on to match the paper (mine is the pink, the green is actually on the paper)…

Here is a closeup of the ribbon I put on the sides with the flower stamps.  I HEART stamping now!!  My friend Beth brought a bunch of stamps over and now I have a newfound crafting medium 🙂 

I’m wishing now that I would have made a couple more for my mother-in-laws. 🙁 They may have to wait until another holiday. If I wouldn’t want until the last minute to do everything I might have had time. They will be getting another creation and now I am off to make it. Told you I was a last minute girl 🙂

I hope my mother likes it!  She will be given permission to continue reading my blog after tomorrow!  She has been forbidden to read posts lately and I think she’s missing them.  Since I moved a little further away it’s her way to still know what’s going on in my crazy world.  LOVE YA MOM!!!  YOU’RE THE BEST!!!

What do you think?