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There are tons of sites on the web about creating your own Hom Management Book.  I have been in the process of creating one for a few months now and I think I have finally got it to where I want it, I think?!  Please note – this is a work in progress.  As I start using it I may change or add things to adapt to my needs.  Hopefully, this will give you a start to creating your own!

I have pocket dividers so that I can store invaluable things in the pockets (or things that I’ll never need but don’t have the heart to throw away).  Here are my tabs:

  • Schedule
    • Kids’ school schedules and any other schedules.  I have tried to incorporate them all into one schedule but I always seem to need the other calendars for something, so I keep them for future reference.
    • Birthday Calendar
    • Holiday Card Checklist
  • Chores
    • Kids’ Chores
    • Daily Chores.  I break this down very simply.  I get sidetracked VERY easy so I need it all written down for me.  This helps prevent from getting to the end of the day and feeling like I didn’t do the simplest of tasks like wiping down the sinks.  You may not need this reminder, but I sure do.
    • Target Room Chores.  I have created a sheet with in-depth chores for each room in the house.  I am going to assign each room to a particular day of the week and focus on those specific chores.
    • Spring/Fall Cleaning Schedule.  This is a list of all the in-depth chores that I plan to do two times a year.
  • Menu Planning
    • The tabbed pocket is where I keep all of my coupons and when I have time to clip them, they are in the same spot.   Thankfully now, I can do a lot of this electronically.
    • Lists of meals that I make without recipes for reference.
    • Grocery List.  I have printed out a grocery list that makes my shopping easier.
  • Budget
    • The tabbed pocket is where I keep all of my bills when they come in.
    • Monthly Budget
    • A spreadsheet typed up for each bill to help me keep track of every payment I make to each company along with confirmation numbers.  On each page I have the address, account number and online login information. (Make sure you store this in a safe spot).
  • Phone Numbers
    • The tabbed pocket is where I keep business cards that I need to hold on to.
    • Kids school directory
    • Friends and Family numbers
    • Important numbers
  • Projects
    • Anything I find in magazines that I want to keep for inspiration.

I have an extra tab and have not yet decided what to put in it.  I am debating about a Home Inventory tab where I keep track of all of the important insured stuff in our home.

This book will come in handy when you may be out of the house for an extended period of time whether it be an illness, a vacation (yeah, right), or whatever.  Your kids and hubby will be able to find everything they need in one spot.

Creating this home management book did take me quite some time so please take time to tailor yours to fit your home and personality.  Decorate it and make it uniquely yours!

Here are some websites for more information and to get printables.  There are a million more if you can’t find what you’re looking for on these.  If you would like some of the forms that I have, just email me and I can send them your way.  Good luck!!

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