How To Manifest Your Success In 6 Easy Steps

“It’s never too late to be happy.”  “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”  You’ve heard it been said before.  “Take today and move forward.”  But how do you manifest your success?  I’ve got 6 easy steps for you to implement TODAY that will put you on a FAST path to your success! These 6 steps will keep you emotionally and mentally strong to stay the path to success no matter what that means in your life.

Our lives are solely in our own hands. While we can elevate others to places of great importance in our lives, ultimately if we are not happy, no one else around us will be either. Just as we can’t expect another to be responsible for our happiness, we also can’t take someone else’s happiness upon our shoulders. That is a weight that eventually will not only crush us, but our dreams as well.

In order to take that un-lived life and reopen it up for exploration, we have to give up on the fear of leaving our comfort zones and of having others disapprove of our choices. We have to decide to be brave enough to explore whatever avenue our souls feel pulled to.  Your success is directly related to your life’s dreams and goal.  We all have the ability to ignore or follow those dreams. 

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So how do you manifest your success AND stay mentally and emotionally healthy?  Here are 6 easy steps to put you on the path to success:


  • FIRST, know that you are not broken!  We HEAR this – but the majority of us don’t BELIEVE it.  Here’s the lies that we do believe though.  We believe that there is something inside of us that we have to fix.  We believe there is something in us that we are missing; something that we need to have in order to achieve greatness.  STOP!  Thinking you’re broken is a belief you are making by choice.  Belief is finding certainty in a story that you’re telling yourself.  It’s time to find that belief in thinking that you are amazing and CAPABLE of success and there is nothing to be ashamed of.  Does that sound like you?  We make the choice to be there or not.  A belief is simply a story that you tell yourself with complete certainty.  That means that you can change it at anytime.  You can live with any identity!  Know this in your heart versus your mind!!!
  • We all make everything mean something.  When we attach meaning to things, it determines the course and quality of our lives.  With everything that happens, we put meaning to it.  If you put something out there that is scary, personal or work-related, and no one bites…you can take it and make it mean what you want.  [bctt tweet=”Failure or success is based on what you tell yourself.” username=”RuffledDaisy”] We are created on the meaning that we give our dreams and relationships. An example would be my depression.  I could “believe” that I don’t have the power to show up and make my life matter – or I can tell myself that I’m just struggling today and tomorrow is going to be a new day.  As you go through your day ask yourself, “what am I making this mean?”  If no one is buying your stuff you can either tell yourself that you suck and there is something wrong with your product OR you can tell yourself that you are marketing to the wrong clientele.  We are created on meaning.  Everything is based on that.  What meaning are you giving challenges in your life? 
  • Always get leverage for anything you want to achieve.  Leveraging is allowing the pull to drive you forward.  Pushing yourself leads to burnout.  If you want something, one of the most important things to believe is that leverage creates success.  That means instead of pushing towards what you want, you let it pull you.  To get leverage (make a certain amount of $, date someone) ask what is painful about staying where you are or what is painful about where you are going.  A lever lifts a whole car depending on the right angle and power.  Leverage comes from understanding what is going to drive you, pull you and take you forward.  You leverage in your relationships based on the people that you surround yourself with.  Know why you want what you want.  Know your why – simple.  The reason – what’s the emotional connection to your why.  It doesn’t have to be super elaborate or spiritual.  Your “why” may be that you need to feed your kids for you to hit your next level.  It’s constantly changing.  When you take care of you (your why – the leverage) you can take care of others which means you can provide in your business and relationships.  Let your pain, your vision and your “why” PULL you!
  • Fear will always be there!  It is meant to protect us.  Soak that in.  You will never NOT be afraid.  Complete and utter confidence comes from taking actions that scare you.  You must live, exist and walk through the fear.  Fear will never go away.  It’s in taking the action that you get the reward of being confident.  You will always be afraid of the next level. You need to ask yourself, how can I exist in the fear and move through it?  How can I take action amidst the fear?  Fear is lodged in us.  We are beings of survival.  Remember the first bullet point – it’s just the story that you’re telling yourself.  It’s scary and powerful and you can use it to your advantage.
  • Open up to the world.  The more you open up to the world, the more the world opens up to you, the more experiences are put in front of you, and the more great relationships are put in front of you.  We are all similar.  The sooner we open our hearts, even with the vulnerability and the fear, the sooner we can look people in the eye.  The world will open up to you!!  Ask people how they feel about things – look in their eye.  You will manifest insane results.  You are connected to every person.  Send love to those your despise.  Send forgiveness to those that need it.  Ask for forgiveness.  The world will RADICALLY open up to you and show you bigger experiences and bring the right people into your life when you make this simple change.  
  • You are ALWAYS in control of how you feel!  Most believe that if we just did this “one thing”, we would feel better.  If I lost weight,  if I was a better friend, yada, yada, yada.  It takes practice if you are negative to be in a positive state, but you are always in control of where you are manifesting your happiness.  Sometimes you can feel out of control when the world is spinning around you.  Start backwards.  Feel grateful.  Look around you – right now.  What do you have that others don’t have?  Clean water.  A home.  A family.  Friends.  Clothes, Money to get haircuts.  Phones that go everywhere with us.  When you know where you are grounded, you will manifest your success!!

The hustle is where it’s dirty, hard, and sometimes painful.  BUT, that success won’t happen if you don’t hustle.  I have a shirt that I made JUST FOR YOU as a reminder to myself!  You can snag yours HERE for only $14.50!

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Everyone’s success starts with these SIMPLE steps!

We simply have to realize that this life is meant to be lived—not just endured. It is meant to be explored, caressed, loved, and enjoyed until our very last minute on this beautiful planet.

And if we get to the end, and our hearts are full and our bodies weak, then perhaps we succeeded in this life. Just maybe we were not only alive, but also living.

In the end you will find that, when we achieve true success, it was the basis of relationships that truly mattered!  No matter the industry or situation.

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