Quick and Easy Pizza Bruschetta

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I love taking a traditional recipe and using it in a slightly different way just to keep dinner time exciting and a little different.  This quick and easy pizza bruschetta is perfect for just that!  There’s something about taking a meal that you normally eat with silverware and making it into finger food that makes everyone enjoy it just a little bit more.  My boys loved these as a quick bit on the way out to baseball practices and games.  And it doesn’t take any extra time than you would normally spend on making spaghetti!

Here how you can make your own Quick and Easy Pizza Bruschetta!

Using any kind of meat your family prefers (sausage, ground beef or ground turkey) brown it in a skillet and add the Prego Pizza Sauce.  Did you know Prego had a Pizza Sauce?  I only thought they made spaghetti sauces and when I saw this I knew that it would be the perfect sauce for what I wanted.  I love the consistency of this sauce for these bruschetta bites.  Prego even makes sure that it is “VeggieSmart” meaning you’re feeding your kids a well balanced meal full of veggie and they don’t even know it!  That’s a HUGE plus in household with picky eaters.  The “VeggieSmart” sauce provides 25% more vegetables than their regular Prego pizza sauce.

pizza bruschetta meat sauceWhile your meat is simmering in the hearty of the tomato and veggie blend sauce, you’ll want to cut your brushcetta pieces.  I used a loaf of french bread from our local bakery and it was the perfect size for this recipe.  In order to create the perfect bite, you’ll want to cut the bread at a slight angle.

Lightly coat the top of each piece with olive oil.

Pizza Bruschetta breadToss these in a 250 degree oven for about 8 minutes to crisp them slightly.  When they are ready, top them with the Prego “VeggieSmart” meat mixture, shredded mozzerella cheese and fresh chopped basil.  Basil is the staple herb in Italian cooking.  Using fresh basil is aromatic and flavorful atop each bruschetta piece!

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Serve it with a tossed salad and you’ve got a meal to satisfy any craving!

This quick and easy bruschetta recipe has become a go-to in my family when we want a quick bite full of flavor and goodness!  What are some of your favorite recipes that are your go-to’s when life is busy and you’re limited on dinner time?  Do you have a traditional dish that you have turned into a finger food meal?  I’d love to know!

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