Her Tree of Life

She is born from a fragile seed. Planted and nourished to grow into amazingness. The seed begins to sprout and emerge from the ground showing signs of life. It faces the sun with each day and hunkers down in the darkness.

Through the years of growing and maturing, she grows stronger and taller not knowing what storms and showers will come her way.

As each season passes, she embraces the changes that each brings.

In spring, her soul is on fire and she is being reborn into the creature that God created. She is pursuing her dreams and running after all the newness that life brings. She is blooming and she is happy as flowers emerge from her buds.  She wears a smile and greets every passerby with beauty.

In summer, she enjoys the beauty of her days. Some days are hot with fire and she is pushed by drought to keep fighting when she isn’t being nourished. Some days arespent basking in the sunlight and enjoying the simpleness that is in every hectic day. She lets her leaves blow in the wind and let’s the sun shine on her face.  She lets the children climb and enjoy all that she has to offer.  She stands in her majesty and greatness and knows she is strong.

In fall, she is changing.  She begins to feel weak. She is feeling all the colors of her soul.  She lets each one come to life for the outside world to see, all the while knowing that some people like red, while other’s only like yellow.  No matter their preference of judgement, she shares them all.  Parts of her will become brittle and fall away while her soul will continue to become grounded knowing there is a harsh winter to come.

In winter, she is barren. She is weak and without color. She still stands tall when the storms arrive, but the winds chill her bones because she is bare and vulnerable. In this time, despite her outward appearances, her roots are still growing deeper.  Deeper than any other season she faces.  The storms shake her.

The storms bend her in ways she didn’t know she could bend.  Sometimes the storms break parts of her leaving room for new growth in different ways and those branches fall quickly to the ground. Other times those cracks and breaks aren’t enough to cause a branch to fall completely and so she hangs on to it. She grasps what she can of what is left knowing that it’s dead and needs to fall. Although a branch has been broken, she is still full and whole even if she has lost pieces of her.  She still provides beauty even in her barren state.

She is waiting for spring. Spring will come.  And with the ebb and flow of life she will embrace each season as it comes.


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