Dig Deep to Find Your Amazingness

Using Music to Dig Deep Into Your Amazingness

When you have a mess in your life with a million things to do and you let the negativity of the world affect your actions, then you are going to feel like a mess internally.  It’s time to put on your best dress and lose yourself in music that inspires you!

Whether it’s a bad-ass playlist that gets you motivated for the day or a quiet evening reconnecting with your soul, music is the best way to reconnect and quiet the chaos and start cleaning up the messes in your life.

I am going to give you THREE steps to reconnecting with your purpose and your goals.

The goal we are trying to achieve with music is to FEEL BETTER!

Get Outside!

Music and nature have the ability to change your mindset.  Music will sometimes speak to you like friends can’t .  Nature will reconnect you with all that is pure.  They both help you shut out the noise and chaos of the world.  You can either get outside and MOVE which enhances your physical and mental well-being OR you can get outside and connect quietly in nature which enhances your physical and emotional well-being.  Whatever you need and whatever motivates you with nature, DO IT!

Don’t allow the devil to take hold of you!

Depressing music can hold you in a depressive state.  I know from personal experience, when I am sad, I tend to listen to sad music.  Yes, that music speaks to how I am feeling and helps me feel like I am not alone in my mess, but it also keeps you there!  So, listen to the sad and depressing shit and then LET IT GO!  Make the conscious decision to actively listen to something upbeat and encouraging so that you are able to get out of your funk and stress.  Let the goodness that you have around you lift you up!  You have breathe in your lungs.  You overcame a previous fall and you are standing.  Let encouraging lyrics fill your ears and head with all the good you need to hear until you drown out the negativity that you have let take residence in your head.


I don’t mean move in the sense of exercising!  I mean to let your child come out to play and have some fun dancing!  Dancing has therapeutic benefits to the mind and body!  Studies have proven that dancing improves memory.  How?  When you are dancing, your body is making split-second decisions based on the tunes you are hearing.  Moving to the beat of music and constantly changing the moves that you are doing to be in time with the beat improves muscle and mental memory!  Who knew dancing had so many benefits?!  I KNEW there was a reason I loved dancing.

Have you lost your amazingness and feel like your life is a mess?  Do you not know who you are anymore?  Is it time for you to reconnect with that and let some of the stresses and chaos of the world go?  Let music fill you with the goodness that God intended for you.  Be good to your soul – you’re the only one with it’s best interest!!

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