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    Scrap Wood Scarecrow DIY

    Scrap Wood Scarecrow DIY PIN

      Every year I try to create a new scarecrow and this Scarp Wood Scarecrow is perfect!!  They are versatile and can be created to be scary or fun!  I usually opt for fun – and this one fit the bill perfectly!  He was so easy to put together with scrap wood and some old clothes! Here’s how you can make your own scrap wood scarecrow! You’re going to need some scrap wood. Cut a 2×6 at 42″, a 2×6 at 8″, a 1×2 at 18″, and a 1×2 at 8″. Screw the smaller 2×6 onto the bottom of the larger 2×6.  I also used wood glue to make it…

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    Scrap Wood Halloween Black Cat DIY

    Black Cat Scrap Wood DIY

      Every house needs some Black Cat decor for Halloween!  You can make these “scary” or “cute” AND they’re the perfect craft for the kids to help paint! Here’s how you can make your own black cats with your kids! All you need is scrap wood, paint and raffia!  Seriously ladies, it doesn’t get much easier than that!  If you don’t have raffia on hand, you can use twine.  Just unravel the ends after you tie it in a bow so it’s “wild” like a cat’s whiskers 😉 Let’s get started: You need (1) 2×4 cut to about 8″ give or take.  This is purely preference. You can also make…

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    Mother's Day "MOM" Block

    Remember THIS post that I talked about?  I finally got together with my niece and a friend last night and we worked on these for Mother’s Day.  I have to say I am impressed with how they turned out!  Here is a closeup of the buttons that I put on to match the paper (mine is the pink, the green is actually on the paper)… Here is a closeup of the ribbon I put on the sides with the flower stamps.  I HEART stamping now!!  My friend Beth brought a bunch of stamps over and now I have a newfound crafting medium 🙂  I’m wishing now that I would have made…