Your Blessings Start at Home

“Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside”.  Let’s face it, there are some days where life just feels downright crummy on the inside!  We get “stuck” in the day to day treachery of living the best life we can and sometimes we can barely see above the pile of dirty laundry or dishes to ever see where we can be a blessing to others.  I’ve always likened life to a series of mountains and valleys.  We all hit the valleys of despair and rise to the mountain tops to rejoice!  You can’t have one without the other.  After every valley there is a mountain in which to grow.  In the next episode of life, there will be another valley in which to humble yourself to be a greater blessing.


We all have blessings to give to others daily!  But, we must bless ourselves before we are able to bless others.  Here are 4 things you can do to start blessing yourself so that you can be a blessing to those around you!

1.  Take an internal inventory of your balance – Are you getting enough sleep?  Are you eating well and getting the nutrients your body needs?  These two things can greatly impact how your body reacts to outside situations.  EVERY one of these is crucial to your body in emotional balance.  A body that is in emotional balance will be able to see others that need us emotionally.

2. Do time with issues – many of us have mental and emotional struggles and it would seem to be the best to “ignore” them.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Acknowledge the tough issues you need to deal with but don’t indulge them.  Our feelings are meant to help us better understand and guide us through certain situations.  Allow them to guide you and not run you.  Remember that whatever you are angry, sad, upset or hurt about is valid but can also be released.  In dealing with your own issues, you will be able to have empathy for those that share similar struggles.

3.  Channel your energy in a positive way – have you ever had days where you are angry at someone or something and your house ends up cleaner than it’s ever been?  That negative energy was channeled into something else which helped free your mind, even if for a moment.  Find a way to channel your negative energy that will give you the space and time to think.  I challenge you to do something “positive” the next time you feel like sulking or getting angry.

4.  Move your body – Exercising increases oxygen to your brain which helps you function better.  Get outside and walk.  Get some fresh air.  If you feel overwhelmed, move your body, take a hot bath, meditate or get a massage.  It releases endorphins that are beneficial to happiness.  PLAY!!  Happiness = healthy.  Healthy = blessings!

Times of struggle and pain are normal things!  Simple things such as burning dinner to devastating tragedies such as death; we all have them and it’s important to have times of reflection to process those emotions.

Give yourself plenty of grace and reach out to someone else who may just need the smile you are willing to give today!

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