Defining Life

Words define you!  Words define life!  One simple word can bring such emotion to a person because of the stories and experiences it brings to mind.

Here at The Ruffled Daisy, simple words portray profound emotions!  People look to words to help define their roles in their home and workplace.  A couple months ago, I put a call out to my faithful FB followers and asked them to give me one word that they used to define their life. The responses were amazing!
I gathered those words from all of you and created a new line called, DEFINING LIFE!  This was a fun project for me because I got to research the multiple meanings that these words hold and formulate a definition that I felt was fitting for the mood I was trying to convey to my customers!  Definitions that stir your emotions and help make your life ROCK SOLID!

I am revealing 4 out of the 15 I have so far 🙂  I can’t wait to finish the rest of them for you!!

     Maybe you have a word that takes you back to a happy place when you hear it or see it. Maybe you have a word that takes you back to a time of sorrow to help you stay grounded where you are!

What one word defines your life?  Do you have a special word that your family lives by?
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What do you think?