Wood Bead Pumpkin- Pottery Barn Knockoff

Pottery Barn has nothing on our knockoff Wood Bead Pumpkin! Here’s how you can create one of your own on a budget.

I love Pottery Barn style but it isn’t always in my budget. I saw a high end pumpkin that looked very similar and so I knew I needed to try making my own. I mean, budget friendly DIY’s are my jam so this was perfect!

The materials needed to make a Wood Bead Pumpkin are:

To start you’re going to thread 15 beads onto wire. I cut these about 3″ longer on each side so that we have room to wrap when you’re putting it together.

You’re going to make 8 sets of these.

This is where it can get a little confusing and so watching THIS VIDEO may help.

You’re going to twist one end of ALL of the strips together. Then laying them on the table, spread them out into a circle.

Bringing up one strip at a time, wrap them to each other.

Once they were all secure and twisted together, I made a base to cover the bottom wires. I used a 2″ wooden round, covered it with moss and glued it inside on the bottom. I also glued just a wooden circle to the bottom. This will keep the wire from cutting your table when you’re displaying it.

To covert he top wires, I just wrapped them in twine so it resembled a pumpkin stem. You can trim them if you need to. The wire makes it easier to bend as you want to create the stem.

Lastly, I took some burlap ribbon ribbon and cut it into thin strips to create a bow for the top.

These Wood Bead Pumpkins turned out so cute, that I decided to make a smaller one!

Have fun and be creative! Make different sizes in different colors. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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