Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins

Adding to all of the amazing pumpkin DIY’s of the world, this Stuff Fabric Pumpkin is going to become your new favorite!

This year Fairfield World is celebrating 80 years!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! For 80 days different designers are sharing projects using Poly-Fil and I am proud to be a part of the fun! Fairfield offers so many products for crafting including fabric, foam, batting, interfacing and SO MUCH MORE!

Don’t worry though – you don’t need to be a sewer to create these Easy Fabric Stuffed Pumpkins.

Here’s all you need to make your own Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins:

If you prefer a video version of this DIY, you can find that HERE!

Let’s get to making these cuties!

You’re going to want to cut your fabric pieces into rectangles. I start with 18×22 inches for my first one and then just went down in 2″ increments to make smaller ones.

My fabric was the same on both sides, but if you are using one-sided fabric make sure you put the right sides together for the first step.

Fold long ways and glue generously with HIGH-TEMP glue. It won’t stay if you use low-temp. There is also a fabric hot glue which works great if you want to grab some.

Next, you’re going to take a length of twine that is the length of your fabric ad make 5 strips. Add another 1/2 length.

Tie into a knot and cut any loops.

Taking your knotted twine, put it through one end of your fabric and bring to the opposite side. Gather the fabric around the knot and tie off with a hairband.

Now comes the fun part of making it look like a real pumpkin.

Basically, you’re taking one piece of twine and bring it tight up around the pumpkin. Hold all five pieces together at the top. Once you have the shape of the pumpkin that you’re happy with, you’re going to use the leftover twine and hot glue it around the remaining fabric. This is what will create the stem. Trim your excess fabric if you have extra and you’re done!

Make several in different sizes and you will have an adorable pumpkin patch!

These are a quick project and fun to make! Have fun with the fabric designs and create some for gifts!

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If you prefer a video version of this DIY, you can find that HERE!


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