Summer Rock Painting and How To Start Your Own Hide and Seek Group

Rock painting is HOT now! Check out how you can do some of your own summer rock painting and create a hide and seek community in their own town!

There are TONS of rocks around the country being painted right now! I figured it was time for me to jump on the bandwagon and bring you some lemon and watermelon ones since they’re the hot item this summer. And yes, the ants are adorable too!

Here in my small town, we have a FB group that is all about hiding and seeking painted rocks! It’s a great way to get the community involved into something FUN! I’ll share with you some of my tips to organize your own.

But first, let’s get to the Summer Rock Painting tutorial so you can make some of your own.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Rocks
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sealer

You can get rocks from your local Walmart or gardening center or you. May have some in your own flower beds. I just pulled a few that I had and washed them up.

Acrylic paint is going to be the best paint to use. It offers great coverage and is cheap to buy. Personally, I am huge fan of DecoArt, which you can get at most retailers.

For this project, I wanted to paint a watermelon, a lemon and a rainbow. Then at the end I threw in some ants just because I think they’re adorable.

For the Summer Rock Painting, I started with the easiest design to paint and it ends with the most complicated – which is still easy for most everyone.

Rainbow How-To:

Rainbows are pretty straightforward when it comes to painting. Just paint arches and you have a rainbow. You can use the ROYGBIV formula or you can paint it in your own variety of colors.

After I had the rainbow applied, I took some white paint and added some clouds to the bottom. This is all freehand and even if you aren’t a painter, YOU CAN DO IT!

Watermelon How-To:

I love painting watermelons almost as much as I love eating them.

Just like the rainbow, you’re going to create an arch for the rind of the watermelon.

Next you’ll want to add your red or dark pink color and fill in the arch.

Using a lighter color of green, you can paint a line between the red and green symbolizing the two colors of the rind.

And a watermelon isn’t complete without seeds! Even the “seedless” watermelons have tiny ones. To create the seeds, you’ll want to create a small teardrop with a very fine brush.

When your black paint is dry, put a small dab of white on top.

Lemon How-To:

This last one takes a little bit more painting talent, but I promise it’s not a lot. You should totally try it out even if you’re a beginner.

You’re going to want to use two coats of yellow on the entire rock. Yellow is hard to paint with because it tends to be a little transparent.

When your yellow paint is dry, use your white paint and paint a small circle isn’t he middle. From there you are going to want to paint lines to the edges like you are creating a flower.

To join your lemon together, you’ll want to join the lines on the outside of the rock.

I also painted some teardrops in the center near the circle to resemble the lemon seeds.

Spray some clear sealer on them and they’re ready to display!

That’s it – CUTENESS!!

These turned out adorable and look perfect in my Fairy Garden. This isn’t going to be there forever home though.

We are going to hide them for our local TongieROCKS Facebook group so someone else can find them. I love this group because it truly does bring smiles to everyone that finds a rock. It’s a great way to add some positivity to your community. Get out of the house, enjoy the outdoors, give someone a reason to smile and be happy! Everyone loves to smile and it’s so easy to take a minute to make someone’s day!

If you’re new to rock painting, checkout THIS BOOK by my friend, Adrianne Surian!

If you want to start a Hide and Seek Rock Painting group of you own, here are some tips:

  • Create a group on social media – Facebook is a great tool to help spread the word to your community.
  • Create a hashtag – this will help you share the project on Instagram when people are searching.
  • Get local business involved – we have a Sonic here in town and one of our members created “Sonic” rocks with their logo. They hid about 20 rocks and when the last rock was found (they are numbered) then there was a prize from Sonic!
  • Create your rules and boundaries – no profanity or hate can be painted on the rocks. They need to be kept kid-friendly.
  • Have at least two people help manage the FB group.

Here’s how the group works:

  • Paint your rocks
  • Hide them and add your hashtag to the back.
  • Take a pic showcasing a clue where they are in the community without giving it away. You can also share a riddle or other clues inside the FB group.
  • Search for other rocks that people have hidden and left clues to.
  • You can keep the rock you find, rehide the rock you find or hide a new one from your very own painted collection. Remember that once you find a rock, it’s ok to keep it. But in order to spread smiles be sure to replace it with one of your own to keep the rock population growing. 

Did you love this Summer Rock Painting and Hide and Seek idea? This is a great project for the summer months that you can get your kiddos involved in and learn about your community and the businesses along the way.

<a href=”http://www.30MinuteCrafts.com”> <img src=”https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ffJav-O3c2Q/XSVxom6M8dI/AAAAAAABMqI/wEVzgM8dY-YqMIoCCV0MkKoY0FEl9rlqACLcBGAs/s1600/Craft-Lightning-Painted-Roc.jpg” onclick=”window.open(‘http://www.thecountrychiccottage.net’); window.open(‘http://www.30MinuteCrafts.com’); window.open(‘https://ilovepaintedrocks.com/’);”/></a>

Have you painted any rocks lately? I’d love to know what you painted!

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