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Helping your child stay on the path to success is easy with these tips and FREE student planner download – help your child plan their successful year!

We’re coming upon one of the most chaotic times of the year next to the Christmas holiday season! That’s right – BACK TO SCHOOL!! That means multiple schedules become merged into one and getting back into a normal routine to where your kids, and you, can actually function after the lazy summer days!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I don’t know about you but my summers are crazy with my boys’ sports and it is NEVER a routine. Most days we just fly by the seat of our pants. One of the things I look forward to most at the beginning of the school year is a routine so I feel like I have some sort of control of my house again.

There are so many ways to make that happen in your own life, but sometimes our kids need a little guidance in their own routine.

I’ve created this Student Planner to help them plan their school and after-school activities so they feel accomplished and on track. There is nothing worse than feeling like your life and schedule is spinning out of control and that happens so easy with kids in school. There are multiple demands on their time and they can get off-track quickly.

Here are some tips to help you and your child stay on track this school year with my FREE Student Planner.

Create a plan and stick to it!

The biggest goals are achieved when they are written down. Goals that can be broken down into measurable steps are the easiest and take away overwhelm. Take 20-30 minutes to sit down with your child and talk about where they are wanting to grow this year. Maybe it’s math or science, or maybe it’s with better planning and concentration. Whatever it is, write it down and help them come up with small steps to help them achieve that goal. These can be broken down into DAILY, WEEKLY, and MONTHLY goals. Creating goals in this way makes it easier to assess where you are on a continuing basis.

Make learning real and a habit!

Most everything that a child learns in school can be equated to everyday life activities. Reading can be encouraged by having your child read the recipe you are creating for dinner. Math can be encouraged by giving an allowance and helping them create a budget. Science can also be done in the kitchen if your child is old enough to help with the actual cooking.

Lead by example!

If you want to encourage your child to read more then you must also be willing to put down the phones and pick up a book to read ourselves. Letting your children see you and your spouse work on the household budget together once a week teaches them discipline and something that will be natural to them.

Set the right mood!

Having expectations set beforehand leads to less conflict. If you allow your kids to have some time to unwind after school before homework, that is fine. Just make sure that everyone is clear on expectations as to when work and play need to happen. It’s so easy to go through the evening with dinner and extra-curricular activities to only realize it’s bedtime and homework wasn’t completed. Setting the right mood means that you set a time to eliminate distractions from focusing on the task at hand. Maybe that means they need to be in their room without electronics. Maybe it means that they are at the family dinner table and working on homework as a family. If electronics are a big part of your family, make sure that what is being consumed is of an educational nature. It’s OK to browse the internet for pleasure, but it can’t be the focus of our time.

Use the school!

Playing an active role in your child’s education is paramount to having success all around. Find out what expectations the teachers have on their students and incorporate that into goal setting with your child. If the line of communication is kept open between the teacher, you and your child, less conflict will arise and they will be able to be dealt with better.

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The FREE student planner I created for you to download includes pages for weekly planning and annual goal-setting! I believe that these two areas that are the most important steps for a successful school year!

This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything!

What are some areas that you need to focus on as you venture into the new school year? What changes will you implement in your home so that it is a successful year?

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