You all talk about my smile. You tell me that my smile makes you smile. My eyes smile when my mouth does and that’s how you know it’s genuine.

This isn’t completely about my smile though. Because honestly sometimes, this momma struggles. And while my lips might be smiling, sometimes my eyes aren’t.

You truly never know what your smile does to someone else. Whether walking into a gas station and a random stranger sees it, or the co-worker that you see everyday that relies on it.

We live in a world where people are hurting and out of control. We live in a world where people reach for material things to make them feel better.

We are called to love each other.

I don’t care what religion you believe in, but the one I stand for on this page is the one who believes that we are created to show that love.

The world makes it hard.

WE make it hard.

Go share your smile today.

Go show love to someone you think doesn’t deserve it.

Go give kindness to the cashier who is just trying to make a living in this mess of a world.

Go put a walmart cart in the stall or hand it to the next person in the parking lot. Because, sure, you need to sanitize it…but that person who sees you hand it to them will appreciate it. And if they don’t…you keep showing love.

I don’t want you to stop there though. Because as much as we are called to give others…we have ZERO energy to do that when we are depleted and worn down.


Go take a rest.

Go write yourself a letter.

Go replenish your soul.

Go read a book.

Go listen to some uplifting and encouraging music.

Go create.

If that means paint, then paint. if that means bake, then bake. If that means clean, then clean. If that means organize, then organize. If that means nothing, then DO NOTHING!

Keep smiling.

It’s needed.

It’s appreciated.

I love you ladies and I can’t express to you enough that I absolutely LOVE the community that we have formed.

If you are here looking to see if this place is for you, the seat next to me is open.

It doesn’t take big things to change to world. It’s the culmination of little things.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a community of little things versus one of us doing big things.

I’m not looking to change the world by the few things I can do. I’m looking to change the world by the million little things we can do TOGETHER!

Smile and be kind ❤️❤️

What do you think?