Salt and Pepper Shaker Snow Couple

This Salt and Pepper Snow Shaker Couple project is going to be the perfect project for a Christmas craft day while also being easy on the budget!

A few simple materials from the Dollar Store transform into a cute as can be Snow Couple to decorate your home this holiday season. This is a project that is enjoyable no matter your age.

Here is what you need to make your own Salt and Pepper Shaker Snow Couple:

  • Salt & Pepper Shaker Set (glass and metal) – Dollar Store
  • Ping Pong Balls – Dollar Store
  • Wooden Toothpicks – Dollar Store
  • Self-Adhesive Pearls, Red – Dollar Store
  • Ribbon, Buffalo Check or Plaid – Dollar Store
  • Glitter, Clear – Dollar Store
  • Glitter Flakes, Large
  • Buttons, Mini – Black
  • Buttons, Mini – Green Holly Leaves
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Adhesive, Multi-Surface – like E6000
  • Acrylic Craft Paint, Orange
  • Dimensional Fabric Paint – Black
  • Decoupage Medium or Liquid Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler
  • Plain Paper

Gather all supplies.  Remove metal lids from salt and pepper shakers.  Roll a piece of scrap paper into a cone and insert in the neck of the shaker.  Carefully fill the shaker three quarters full with large glitter flakes (sometimes called Buffalo Snow).

Coat the ping pong balls with decoupage medium using a paintbrush.  Roll ball around in clear glitter until the entire surface is coated.  Carefully place the glittered ping pong ball aside to dry. 

Once dry, attach the ping pong ball head to the snowman’s body with a multi-surface adhesive like E6000.

Paint two toothpicks with orange craft paint, let dry.  Cut tip from toothpick and attach to snowman’s head as the carrot nose.  Create coal eyes and mouth with dots of black dimensional fabric paint.  Attach two mini black buttons to the front of each snowman with multi-surface adhesive.

Attach the metal salt and pepper shaker lids to the snowman’s head as a hat with a glue gun and glue sticks.

Measure and cut a 12” length of ribbon, tie around the snowman’s neck.

Fold the ribbon scarf over and secure with a glue gun and glue sticks.  Trim ribbon ends to size and either fringe the ends or cut a triangular notch with scissors.

Attach a green holly leaf button to the snowmen hats with a glue gun and glue sticks.  Attach three red self-adhesive pearls around the leaf to create holly.  Use green cardstock or felt to create holly leaves if you can’t find the holly leaf buttons. Red rhinestones or pony beads make a great substitute for the pearls.

Mix and match the supplies for this super cute and cozy Salt and Pepper Shaker Snow Couple and create a keepsake decoration with the kiddos.  Perfect for gift giving this holiday season.

I just think this salt and pepper shaker snow couple is the cutest thing ever!

What do you think? I can’t wait to see your creations when you decide to make one.

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What do you think?